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Military Spouse wondering VA benefits and BAH for college?

Hello I recently applied for the gi bill that my husband had his benefits transferred to me. I'm just wondering since I'm doing distance learning how I will get 1/2 the BAH will it come as a check? Also does the money for tuition go directly to the school? Thank you! All answers appreciated!

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  • NWIP
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    9 years ago
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    If he is AD then you are not eligible for the BAH at all as he is getting it. You would not receive the book stipend either. The tuition is paid directly to the school itself after you have filed the necessary paperwork with the VA office for that school. If he is not AD then you can be eligible for up to 1/2 the standard BAH which is around $650 a month when attending full time. If not more than a specific amount of credits then you would get a percentage of it. You would get the book stipend which is around $41 per credit max of $625 for a semester ($1000 a school year). It will be a direct deposit into the account you have them send it to.

    ETA: Trixie that only applies if the spouse is AD, if he is discharged then she is eligible for the BAH.

    Source(s): Currently using GI Bill transferred to me
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You don't get his bah benefit portion of the GI bill. Only the service member can get that.

    Th payment goes directly to the school.

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