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Figure skating: what does checking mean?

Check your shoulder when doing an axel;

-Check your three turn before getting into a jump


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    a check is like the landing position of a jump or the exit position of a spin. When talking about checking your shoulders on an axel it means that for the landing you have to make sure that you are stopping the rotation by putting your left arm straight out in front of you and your right arm slightly raised above shoulder level (if you are a righty skater). For checking on a three turn before your jump it means that you are finishing the three turn before the take off in order to make sure that you are not rushing the jump, especially in the salchow. Make sure that you don't swing your leg around on the three turn and that are two complete parts to it.

    Hope this helps! Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    stop rotation out of a jump or spin or even in some moves like in ice dancing you always need to have proper check

  • Clover
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    9 years ago

    A very simple definition would be TO STOP ALL ROTATION... my coach asks me every time I over rotate

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