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tru asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 8 years ago

I don't know what to do anymore? Pleas help..!!?

Hi everyone, ok I lied to my mom about getting fired from work, I didn't want to tell her I got fired because I know how she is, but she eventually find out & I have apologized for lying. She is overly controlling & she said that now she is going to treat me like a kid since I got fired & since I made 3 Cs in school. By the way I am a 2nd semester junior in college & almost 20. Im tired of her negativity & her controlling ways point blank. I want to get my boyfriend to pick me up & I leave a note saying I'm leaving & then get my dad to send me a plane ticket. I want to start my life happ. She took my car & is keeping me locked up in the house all summer. Should I leave? & if so how do I go about doing it? How will I get a new used car? Should I take out a loan or what?? Somebody please give me some insight. I been dealing with the controlling for almost 20 years & I'm like a ticking time bomb, talking with her doesn't work. Help me thank you..!!

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    8 years ago
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    Hiya I'm around your age I just turned 20 I'm a mother of two and in Sept will be three children and I am also I have huge responsibilities . So to be honest I think you are very lucky to be living at home with your mum and having her support she may be tough on you and maybee a bit stubben and controlling but she most probably thinks Its what's best for you if I was you and I had the advantage of having my parents around I would try to come to some kind of an agreement and explain to her exactly how I feel and let her explain to you how she feels then maybee once you have both got everything off your chest you may be able to get along and understand eachother more.... just have a think about it because it isn't as easy as what people think it Is in the big world trust me I know..... I've.been through really bad upbringing and was neglected from a young age and I gave my parents a chance to meet their grandchildren & son In law and they turned the other cheek because of my new family's race/skin colour... I had to change my own life for the benefit of my children ans my husband and they helped me to get through the rough times as they are all I are very very lucky Hun.

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  • 3 years ago

    Honey, it rather is not love you're speaking approximately. What you sense is lack of self belief. From what you wrote, all i'm listening to is desperation. you're attempting to hold directly to the fanatsy you have build around this relationship. It would not make any distinction how "candy and comfortable" he's on the interior if he's a heartless B****** on the exterior. while his friends are even telling you to circulate away, have faith them!!! it somewhat is the litmus try of a concern relationship, while even his friends are telling you to run. and woman. regardless of you do, are not getting pregnant to fasten your self into this guy's existence. you're asking us what you're able to do to repair him. you have not got the ability to repair him, hon. he's not invested. in case you opt for to stay with him, comprehend in enhance that he won't get to any extent further appropriate and he's confident to worsen. and take a glance at your very own question: "how do I tell him he's killing me without commencing (yet yet another) combat?" Sorry, hon, yet it somewhat isn't any longer love if he's killing you. i'm hoping you awaken till now he rather does.

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