What is nuclear warhead and nuclear weapon ? .....?

Today I read on wikipedia that there are approx. 19000 warheads in the world. Russia tops with 10000 warheads.

Q.1 Does warhead mean same as nuclear weapon ? On some websites it was written that warheads are attached in front of nuclear weapon and one nuclear weapon has almost 20 warheads. If this is true then whats the total number of nuclear weapons in the world?

Q.2 Does nuclear weapon simply mean a "bomb" or it could be in the form of bullets, rockets etc ?

Q.3 Whats the total number of hydrogen bombs in the world and how many countries have it ?

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    1) Warhead is in a nuke. Most nuclear weapons are missiles, either cruise missiles or SLBM or ICBM, but a lot are also bombs guided bombs. Also some nukes are small and suit cased sized and some are shot by artillery. Most nukes however the world has are slbm or icbm. Ballistic missiles shot into space than they come down and hit their targets many can hold more than 1 nuke. They are the hardest to stop but the easiest to detect. No country except america has missile defense capable of stopping ballistic missiles the US is lucky to have a national missile defense that consists of several parts.

    2) Not all nuclear weapons are bombs. Most are missiles, cruise launched missiles, or icbm or slbm. slbm and icbm are the most popular than bombs are. bombs get dropped by bombers and unless you have a super stealthy aircraft like a b2 bomber, dropping bombs on the enemy is not a smart way to launch nukes. Even the fastest and best aircrafts can get picked up by radar and shot down by missiles. However something like the b2 i believe can avoid detection at least against countries that dont have start of the art radar. However if a b2 was picked up on radar it would get blown up no aircraft can out run a missile.

    3) total number of hydrogen bombs? i have no idea. Nobody really knows because the governments of every country do not release the real amount or number. All we get is lies and estimates however many independent groups have come up with close estimates using and looking at X amount of delivery systems, and amount of plutonium and uranium X country has. I would say the estimates out there are close to the real amount but not to close. Id say they are off by a few thousand or few hundred give or take. Finding out how many NON ONLINE weapons their are is near impossible. So many nukes are in storage and active in storage and so many others are dismantled..

    All the numbers you see being published are estimates of ONLINE active, weapons that are on online delivery systems. Id say those numbers of estimated nukes on online active status are close to right and maybe at most off by a few hundred. Keeping track of slbm is harder than bombs or icbm for many reasons.

    I think there are way more than 20,000. That one guy said there have been over 70,000 made by the US alone. And i know that nuclear weapons are rarely ever destroyed rather taken apart. I would say there are still over 100,000 thousand most held by the United States & Russia, with the US holding more.. I read once that the total amount of nukes made by Russia was 50k, their peak stockpile was 42k in the like 70's.. They have because of financial reasons and collapse of Soviet union dismantled many and proof is that the Russians have been selling a lot of their old delivery systems and nuclear parts to other countries along with Uranium and plutonium among other things. They no longer have the money to afford all those things nukes are very expensive to maintain and build and 50 year old nukes are useful.

    I think active online weapons there are more than 30,000. the US in 2000 said they had 20,000 active weapons. Might be lying but who knows.

    Russia has a lot of tactical nuclear weapons. But they have less strategic nukes than the US has and less delivery systems..

    Total i think there are more than nukes 100,000 in the world. And over 200,000 weapons of mass destruction. Hedge stockpile nukes total in the world id estimate there are over 50,000 in hedge stockpile so active but are not on delivery systems. I would than guess that active ONLINE weapons total is a probably around 19,000-23,000 which is close to wikipedia estimate of 19,000. Wikipedia was only saying the estimated numbers of Active ONLINE nukes. Nobody will know how many weapons of mass destruction their are total, or how many nukes have been made and how many nukes are active but not online, or how many nukes have been dismantled.

    However easily 98% of weapons of mass destruction have been made by the US & Russia. Around 95% or more of all the nukes ever made have been made by Russia and US. And the estimated number of active Online weapons right now more than 90% are Russian or American.

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    Active Nuclear Warheads

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    A nuclear weapon carries nuclear warheads, the warhead is what explodes. There can be more than one warhead on a nuclear weapon. Especially during the cold war, because we already knew what our targets would probably be and because of the cost of an ICBM, we placed several warheads on one missile. Each warhead was programmed for a different target.

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    A nuclear weapon would contain greater beneficial than one warhead. for example, one ballistic missile has as much as ten or so mini warheads in its tip. all of them come down one after the different. The weapon is the transport motor vehicle. The warhead is going growth.

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    Nuclear weapons contain nuclear warheads. There are more nuclear warheads in the world than nuclear weapons.

    I don't think anyone knows exactly how many nuclear weapons there are in the world.

    Source(s): US Army Scout
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    Q.1- No it warhead does not equate to nuclear weapon but its a part of it.

    Wikipedia collects information that can be found publically anywhere on internet and puts it all in a nice database and presents it. However its not always TRUE but their are close estimates. Wiki links did a similar thing it got some classified stuff but mostly it was classified info that is not entirely cared for like number of confirmed deaths in Iraq of taliban or US troop numbers.

    Nobody knows how many Nuclear weapons are actually in the world. But i can tell you there are more than 19,000.First of all the United States military has built over 200,000 weapons of mass destruction this includes Biological weapons, chemical weapons, and nuclear weapons. If you dig around you can see numbers published and sometimes published by the government and they claim its the "true" amount. You can also see estimates and all point to that number.. Second of all the US military/government has made over 70,000 nuclear weapons since the first nuke was made, some say its a little over 90,000.. And over 70,000 nukes of more than 70 types.

    There is no "correct" amount of nuclear weapons in the world. Also Nuclear weapons do not and if rarely ever get "destroyed".

    Nukes are categorized in 3 categories for storage

    Active online weapons- Nuclear weapons that are active on delivery systems ready to fire in seconds or no more than 1 or 2, 3 minutes.

    Hedge stockpile weapons- These are active nuclear weapons. That are not on delivery systems and are not dismantled. They are stored and not on standby alert but they can easily be launched fired detonated if put on a delivery system.Their delivery systems are available and can be launched in minutes or hours.

    Inactive reserve- These nukes are not in operational condition and do not have available delivery systems. But they can be made operational.

    Nukes are simply taken apart and that is rarely and only when the nukes are no long useful as eventually they will become old technology. Nukes are rarely actually destroyed. Also if you really believe that the US government truthfully released the actual number of nukes they have you are insane!!! If you have not noticed obama lies about everything and is a puppet and furthermore all presidents are puppets. Also the government has routinely lied and i find it hard to believe they decided to tell the truth when it comes to very serious maters seeing how they lie about small maters constantly. None the less the US government claims to have 5,600 Active ONLINE nuclear weapons.That is what they "claim" to be "true".They will not release the fake number of Hedge stockpile weapons, or the amount they have made total nor will they release the total amount of weapons of mass destruction ever made or how to make them or more info on the actual workings of them. They also wont release all the real detailed sh#t. What you read on wiki is 1/100 of everything the government does and hides. Furthermore no Government openly discloses or tells the truth EVER!! its absurd to tell the truth it only hinders a nation's progress likely.

    Q.2- Nuclear weapon does NOT only equal "bomb"... Nukes can be fired from Bombs, Guided Bombs, Artillery shells with nukes, Suitcase nukes, Demolition munition nukes which are personal nukes, SLBM (submarine launched ballistic missiles) and ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missiles) which are land based fired ballistic missiles... Nukes can also be launched from torpedo's, and from cruise missiles which can be fired from aircraft or ships, or on the land, and bombs can be detonated as well.. A "rocket" does not fire weapons, a rocket is used to propel stuff, missiles carry nuclear weapons most of the time.

    - Most nuclear weapons are SLBM and ICBM and are fired from missiles. MIRV warheads with a collection of nukes on board (other warheads) most SLBM and ICBM are MIRV. Meaning 1 Missile can hold 2-12 typically nuclear warheads. Meaning 1 missile launched does not only carry 1 nuke they can carry several. i.e. 1 ohio class ballistic missile submarine can hold 24 trident missiles and fire 24 trident missiles. Each trident missile can hold 4 (475kt) warheads the ballistic missile goes into space orbits around than ascends back down and once close enough to the target separates and the 4 warheads hit different targets within close range (not to far away) typically.

    Q3- Hydrogen bomb is a nuclear weapon that is a thermonuclear weapon. Thermonuclear weapons are created using Fusion.. They are much more powerful than Fission weapons which are Atomic bombs and weapons.



    ^^ rough estimate of nuclear weapons that are on the US active and active online. Does not release truth of factual numbers on nukes in the hedge stockpile.

    Source(s): http://nuclearweaponarchive.org/Usa/Weapons/Nukefo... ^^ list of US active Online weapons, Strategic weapons. Does not include all active online weapons like tactical weapons. Only includes strategic weapons capable of hitting far away countries for instance Bombers, SLBM and ICBM.. http://www.fas.org/blog/ssp/2011/02/nuclearbudget.... ^^ current plans for US nuclear arsenal that has been made public. Increased funding, new warheads, new delivery systems, 2 new nuclear weapons facilities, taking weapons from hedge stockpile into active online, etc etc
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    A nuclear war head is a nuclear weapon. It is placed in the rocket when lunched, other wise it could be used if placed in a certain area

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    a nuclear warhead is a nuclear weapon placed on top of a missile, a nuclear weapon is a device that creates a nuclear explosion in order to kill people

    not all nuclear weapons are warheads what are you smoking, its only a warhead if its on a missile/rocket/similar device.

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