why is the issue between sudan and south sudan a significant issue in international affairs?

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  • 9 years ago
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    North Sudan is populated by Muslims and South Sudan is populated by mostly Christians. There was a civil war in Sudan from 1983 to 2005, millions died during this period. Last year South Sudan tried to seed itself from the rest of Sudan and now all they need is international support from other countries.

    Source(s): I read the news.
  • hakeem
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    9 years ago

    Like any other place in the world, certain countries still have the concept of controlling the world.They insert their nose in every single issue of the two coutries, for their own benefit regardless of the prosper of the two countries.

    Definitely they call it as a religious war which is not true.Yes most of the nortrh are muslims, but according to the last statistics, around 20% are christians;17% muslims; and the rest have no specific religion.

    A wise man will not the international claims that the north is attacking the south .simply and logically, how can i agree to seperate a part of me to get rid of it and then fight it?the other thing is that the southerners is dying for the 4 freedoms between the two countries, it includes the nationality, they want to have the new country for themselves but dying to have the nationality of the north.

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