can you astral travel without prior knowledge?

i have had this recurring "dream" where I'm in my room and I'm lying in my bed. there is a black figure with red eyes staring at my clinging to my fan above me. at the edge of my bed are 4 small man like figures with red eyes. always four. i get up and i look at myself sleeping. i can always control every aspect of my dreams without problems but with this i have zero control. i can only walk and explore. there are many unexplainable creatures around my house as i explore. the air seems heavy and i can go into other peoples dreams just by going to their sleeping bodies and touching them. but when i go to any exit, windows, or doors of any kind its total darkness. i get a burning sensation in the pit of my stomach and hundreds of red eyes pop up. i feel a pull towards the darkness and i hear what sounds like a deep breathing sound.i slam the door shut and things return to the way they were. i can go into others dreams but not my own. this has happened 5 nights in a row and on the 5th i was finally able to return to my body at my own will. is this astral travel? why is it happening now? I've never researchedit until now and had no prior knowledge of it. please help i don't know what i should do if it gets out of hand


im not a religious person and never was. i just want answers

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  • Justin
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    8 years ago
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    Astral travel doesn't exist if you can prove it go to JRF and collect 1 million dollars

  • madara
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    3 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    this is a sign of demonic possesion, they are trying to take you into their world through your dreams, you must use caution as to not enter their reality as they can harm you.

    please try to stop them and tell them to go away, you should pray to god for guidance to this situation.

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