Can I break a contract with my realtor?

I have been with my realtor for two years now, house has not sold.

I decreased the price by $100,000.00 and I know it is priced correctly.

The home belongs to myself and my ex husband.

The reason I want to break the contract is because the realtor is playing both sides. My ex complains why the house is not sold and the realtor tells him I am not allowing him to show the home which is not true at all. When I ask my realtor he is very kurt and rude and denies the conversation. I know the realtor is not pushing our home because he has multi million dollar waterfront homes he would rather sell. Recently I texted him a question and he became angry and said, "Do not text me, that's not how I like to do business".

Anyway, the contract is until August but i want to remove this nasty condescending realtor. What can I do??

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  • MSAD
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    8 years ago
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    Just wait until August and don't renew the contract. It's possible that he could still get paid a commission if the house sold during the contract term. You don't need the hassle.

    The house has not sold in 2 years. Another month won't kill you. Use the time to take your time and interview other realtors so that once this contract runs out, you've found the one you want to hire to sell your home.

    Dave Ramsey has ELP's that he recommends (Endorsed Local Providers). If you have no idea what realtors to interview, I'd go to his web site and see who the ELP's are in your area. That would give you a place to start.

  • shari
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    3 years ago

    Most contracts have a cancellation clause. Some require that you just be accountable to pay the commission must you promote the apartment inside a distinctive period of time following cancellation (30-60 dyas). I propose you go and converse with the dealer your friend works for. It might be viable to assign any person else to handle the sale and nonetheless let your pal get some thing. And if she is a real friend, you'll be able to wish to help her in this problematic time. At the finish of the day the purpose is to get your house offered. And just as an apart, newspaper commercials very rarely produce sales. They're, in all candor, for the dealers to make them feel just right. The web is some distance and away the number One position to promote. The country wide association of Realtors studies that individuals shop for residences on the internet at least 9 months ahead of their deliberate transfer and that over 88% of folks looking for a brand new condo seem on the net. And within the , oh incidentally class, if you're not a real estate legitimate, how would you understand in case your friend is doing her job ot not. Simply for the reason that your condo hasn't sold doesn't always imply it's your agent's fault. It might be your fault. Too much furnishings, unhealthy paint colors, deferred upkeep and the record goes on. Don't forget hiring a Stging professional to evaluate your condominium. It's going to price only a few hundred dollars and it's going to normally be less than a rate discount. Just right good fortune

  • 8 years ago

    Actually, it's not priced correctly. If it was, it would have been sold.

    If you have been using the same agent for 2 years and the house hasn't sold, you need a new realtor. Actually you needed a new realtor 1.5 years ago.

    Talk with your ex. Agree that you want a new agent and then ask the agent to be released from the listing agreement. If he say no, then talk with his broker. The listing agreement you have is actually with the broker. The agent is a subagent of the broker. But the broker makes all the final decisions.

    Then interview 3 agents and let them give you and the ex a presentation as to HOW to get the home sold. Price is ONLY ONE factor. You want to see HOW they will get the home sold.

  • 8 years ago

    I can help you with the sale of your home. As a matter a fact. Yes you can fire your realtor if things are not at a satisfactory level for you. Send me details on your property and how much your asking price is and if you owe any loans on the property. take a look at the property. And if everything is a ok. We can close escrow by this friday.

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  • 8 years ago

    You wait until August and do not renew. A contract is a contract and even if you were to "break" it, your current real estate agent is entitled to his commission on any sale.

  • 8 years ago

    That depends, what does the contract say?

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