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I am interested in it. 為什麼要用In

This book is interesting.

I am interested in it.


為什麼這個時後要用 in 呢?

had ㄉ用法是屬於現在完成式嗎??


ps. 什麼是過去分詞呢?



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    As you might know "preposition" is used to enhance the information stated in the sentence. Let's not talk about passive or active voice with interested or interesting, but use "interested" as an adjective. If you omit "in", then it is:

    I am interested it.

    then, you can see, it is a very confusing sentence, because what would you use "interested" to describe ? Now,

    we can place a preposition "in", then we immediately know it is about the content INSIDE the book. This is actually the REAL and logical reason why you are interested.

    If you use "to". It gives you a feeling that it might be the appearance (of the book) that you are interested, not the content, because "to" is just up to a point.

    If you use "about". It gives you a vague feeling what about this book you are interested. However, it doesn't specify what it is.

    ... and so on. I only give you a few examples, you shall learn this feeling on your own, so you have the ability to use these prepositions properly.

    Like master Uncle Sean said, "had" by itself cannot determine its functions, after all, take a look at the following examples:

    I already have had dinner before I come. (past participle)

    Children had finished their projects last week. (past perfect)

    We had lots of fun during the last vacation. (past tense)

    Hopefully you got the idea

    過去分詞 (past participle), it can be used in the following common situations:

    (1)passive tense:

    His ribs were broken during the fall.

    (2)(present, past, future) perfect tense

    I have finished my project.

    (3)used as an adjective

    A broken promise caused his business to fail.

    There are other uses, you shall learn them as you progress forward.

    I am giving you a very general idea, the detail is up to you to fill in. Good luck !!

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    因為切細詞有非常多種 甚麼時候要用就只能用背的

    had 是過去式

    如果要完成是要是 have(has)+過去分詞才是完成試喔!!



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    上面的要非常懂殷文才看的懂得 (難

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    介係詞的用法是習慣 硬要說有什麼道理 也還不一定有道理



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