Can she feel the same feeling even after having our first time?

Ok so let me start from the beginning. It was me and my girlfriend on my house and our two other female friends in the house but get were in my living room and we were the only ones in my house cuz that day me and my girlfriend were 5 months and my family were at my aunts house for a party and my mom brought me to her house and stuff and we came to my house after now let me get to the point. Were both 16 btw, we were both in my bed kissing and she said lets do it and I said are you sure and she said yes and we both were feeling that feeling of I know I'm going to be with him/her forever and felt beautiful stuff but the only problem was i didn't have a condom because I didn't know we were ever going to do it and I pulled down her pants and a little off her shirt and bra and he pulls down my pants and we started kissing (and I was going to do it but days after she told me after that day happened that she didn't pull down her panties and she said that she was scare cuz I didn't have a condom) and she was feeling my penis and said she feels stuff and it was preejaculation and she said no more because that came out and after our friends were coming to get us we put our clothes on fast(even tho we didn't really take off much) and it was dark to so they couldn't see us and when we on our way to burger king my friend said she has to go to her to get money and me and my girlfriend were feeling more in love than ever even tho we didn't anything we still felt more in love. 

Then came the day we actually did it in her house where it was just me an her alone no one else and it was day time 1:20 pm and we did it when I was sweating and in her little sisters bed and it was small and it was a bunk bed and when we were going to do it we had out shirts on but were we can see our chests and I put my condom on and put it in and she was hurting and closing her eyes hard but it only lasted for ten minutes (she's not allowed to have a boyfriend) and she was afraid that her family was going to come back and she wanted to stop because she was hurting and she said that she didn't like it that much but when she felt that her virginity was broken that she felt a little beautiful after some time that same day

Second time we did it was night where the moon was out 9:20 (ok that call us horny as **** bastards how could we do that but in public in the grass where we could kind of hide and its uphill a little by a river it's a place we always go to be together) and she said days later that she was joking when she said to do it there because first of all sex in public second it rained 2 hours before we did it so it was a little wet too but i said ok if she wants to then lets do it because in peru thats what they so too sex in public we both peruvian. Ok back on subject so she laid down and I laid on top of her and we only pulled down the pants and I put it in again and she felt pain again like normal but this time it was without condom so when I was feeling I was goin to *** I pulled out and took off my shirt cuz I couldn't with it on and she stood up too and we just started kissin and I was starting to take off her shirt and but not total just where I can see her bra and I was takin off her bra and kissin at the same time but couldn't take off her bra completely cuz her shirt was still on but we both felt some love from that moment and we did it again on the grass me on top but then my leg was cramping so I said her on top even tho she knew it was going to hurt more because my whole penis was goin to be inside and it did and I wanted her to do that position where she goes up and down but she didn't want i wanted since we were both each others firsts so instead she laid on my chest and did it from there and felt more love because she was on my chest then some drunk guy was coming so we put our clothes fast and as ran home and i ran home and showered (she lives closer from where we did it) this happened for like 20 minutes

The third time we did it was in my friends house in his basement and my friend was in his room on his pc ( I no were horny more me but she also said she was playin around that day too to do it plus she's not the type of girl who will not feel to have the urge to do it fast or easy I have to kiss and touch her alot and I mean alot because she's not that type of girl) and when we did it that day she didn't feel anything special, she felt a little good but thats it she never feels love except the time in public where it was a little love she felt but it wasnt an amazing feeling like the day in my bed and that she feels like a whore when we do it but after doing it that it feels like ok we did it that's it and she doesn't wanna feel like that. We did it for like 25 or 30 minute.


The forth time we did it was in her house again but I didn't tell me parents i was going out and I called earlier if i could to my friends but they said to wait till they come back in ten minutes they'll be back but they never do, they always take forever, so I told my brother I was gunna by soda and my baby bro was sleepin so then I ran to her house which is like 8 minutes by foot walking and again she was jokin but we did it again anyways and for like 20 minutes the same place like first time and I felt some love but she still didn't just a little good. She wants to feel love and beautiful 

So this Saturday we might be able to do it again if she can leave the house for at least an hour and a half so we can do it in my house (her uncle saw us together and her family sai shes not allowed to go out anymor) because it'll be my cuzins birthday and ima going to say dat we couldn't be together the day we turn 6 months which is today June 5th  and my girlfriend said that

Update 2:

if she does if she doesn't feel love that were going to finish and I dont wanna finish because I love her but she said why is she doing it wen as doesn't feel anything just a little good and I feel really good. She wants to feel love no like a whore but I told her that it's her fault for always startin it too fast and that she has to wait until she feels the urge and when it's night and in a bed with out a bunk on top.

Im worried that she won't feel love because we already know how it feels to do it and the time in my bed we didn't know and it was night that's y I think we felt so much love because of that adrenaline and that we felt scared but at the same time beautiful and when we actually did it we were scared but because of her family coming not from actually doing it. So my question is can she feel the same as we did in my bed when we do it again the right way

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    I only read a couple of paragraphs of that little book because to be truthful it's just too confusing. First you're in your living room with two other female friends and then your alone in the house on the bed. Then HE pulls down your pants. What the hell kind of question/story are you trying to pull on us?

    I think you need to go back and rethink how you want to tell your "little story".

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