school project on The Beatles?

We have to do this magazine at school on whatever we want to to do, i wanted to do it on NIRVANA but my teacher didnt let me so i decided to do it on The Beatles. I know a fair amount of them but no that much what are some good things that you can tell so that i could use on, like what was there first song released or when did they actually start, im not sure if it actually was 1960 but to make sure and i know they ended in 1970. I know all band members names and instruments they play. It just has to be 10 pages with 2 paragraphs each page. Can someone help on ideas on how to talk about it, and give all the information you know on The Beatles, also can you explain it to me on who sang and all that i know Lennon and McCartney sang but can someone clear it up.

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    What you need to do, is some actual searches for yourself. If you go by the information people put here, for you, you can't really rely on it being accurate, and you have not done your own research. It would be assumed your teacher may want some sort of record of your research. If not, you might as well get used to it, since in the future and as you go up in your grade levels, this will be an important part of any project. So, try searching things like this:

    -Beatles band important facts

    -Beatles band trivia

    -Beatles band little known facts

    -List of Beatles albums (think about how many there are and the long list of this, in itself)

    -Beatles tours

    -Beatles song list (how many songs did they write - who wrote them all? Did all of them contribute to the songwriting, or did only a couple members write?)

    -Beatles popularity (remember that the Beatles is a band that has endured generations, over-and-above most other bands. This is an important fact. Think about all the bands and how many bands people of your age actually know the name of.)

    -How Beatles group formed

    -Beatles band Ed Sullivan Show

    -Beatles band on T.V.

    -Beatles record label

    You need to learn how to search, so you can get the information that is important to you and your subject. As you do searches, you will find out what words to use and which ones don't help.

    How about doing a poll: Talk to all your friends and kids at your school. Show them pictures of the Beatles when they were young and ask them who their favorite is, or who is the cutest.

    Find out what kids in your class or school know about the Beatles. Ask specific questions such as:

    -What year did the Beatles first appear on TV? (give them a span of years such as 1950-1955, 1956-1966, etc.)

    -Who was the drummer in the Beatles band?

    -What was the name of their first song? (give multiple choice)

    etc. Then see how many people can answer the questions, and also write interesting facts about the Beatles. This way, your classmates can be involved and you can also write things.

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    Go to the library & pick out "Beatles Anthology Vol.1". It has everything you need to know about the Beatles. Some fun facts 1. Their manager, Brain Epstein, was gay. His death, along with many other factors, made the Beatles grow apart from one another & eventually to the separation of the band in 1970. 2. They grew up & formed in Liverpool but gained training experience in Hamburg, Germany because Germans were really tough in bars. The crowd would beat them up if they weren't good. 3. All of the Beatles, at one point, had an STD(sexually transmitted disease). 4. George Harrison is the youngest and Ringo Starr is the oldest of the bunch. 5. Fans would pelt The Beatles with jelly beans (aka jelly babies) because George Harrison once said in an interview that he liked them. They would get seriously injured by the jelly beans. 6. John Lennon impregnated his girlfriend Cynthia before they became famous & he had to take her everywhere. He didn't really love her & cheated on her all the time but didn't leave her until Yoko Ono. 7. George Harrison & John Lennon were the first of the Beatles to take LSD (acid). 8. John Lennon grew up with his aunt. Both his parents abandoned him. His mother came back to his life around his teenage years but she died shortly after- hit by a car. 9. Paul McCartney's mother also died when he was a young child. 10. Ringo Starr spent most of his childhood in & out of hospital beds. 11. At first, the bands name was "The Quarrymen" then "Johnny & the Moondogs" then "Long John & the Silver Beetles" then "the Silver Beetles" and finally "The Beatles". 12. John Lennon went to art school before becoming a musician. 13. George Harrison would lie about his age in order to play music in bars. 14. At first John Lennon didn't like George Harrison. But Paul McCartney gave him a chance to audition. 15. Paul McCartney could tune his guitar & John Lennon couldn't. (when they were young) 16. Paul was 15 & John was 16 when they first met. 17. Pete Best was their original drummer but he wasn't that good so they dropped him & got Ringo. 18. They got their signature "Mop Top" haircut by their German female friend Astrid Kirchher. 19. Their first U.S single was "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" 20. They were smoking a lot of weed in the movie "A Hard Day's Night". It was really hard for them to concentrate. I remember all of this from the anthology. Check it out.

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    Read this, it'll tell ya everything you have to know about our beloved Beatles♥

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