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Megan asked in TravelUnited StatesDallas · 9 years ago

Are there any nice lakes or rivers in texas?

For swimming and stuff like that?

Preferably in North Texas?

My friend and I wanted to go to the Narrows in hill country but then we found out it was privately owned. So are there any good lakes/rivers/streams for swimming and stuff?

Please don't say Lake Lewisville or Lake Caddo

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    Lake Granbury is nice and there is also a navigable river there. It is on the border of Hill Country and about 1.5 hours WSW from Dallas-Ft. Worth. Also, there is Lake Travis which is way down by Austin but is really nice and very beautiful. There is also Ceder Creek Reservoir which is about 45 minutes ESE of Dallas-Ft. Worth. I believe it is the largest body of water in Texas or maybe I was misinformed. Anyway, it really is a huge lake. Hope this helps!

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    Nice Lakes In Texas

  • minnie
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    5 years ago

    It will depend on your preferences...Texas has all of it. But, it is vitally hot in the summer and although now we have slight winters, in the event you go west, the cold comes off these mountains very fierce. I in my opinion would decide on the hill nation on the grounds that of it is magnificence, somewhere near a lake or river and the other alternative would be off the coast somewhere. North Padre and South Padre are equally best. As for greater cities, Austin and San Antonio are nicest or any small town neighborhood for the outcomes of the quieter vicinity near a larger city. Dallas is far too scorching and desolated from other areas and Houston has too much pollution although they're near the water. El Paso is virtually New Mexico as good as Mexico however water is far away and there is now not much to do after you have completed all of it in El Paso. Desolate, hot in summer time, bloodless snaps bone chilling in wintry weather. It's the barren region afterall.

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    Whitney is probably the prettiest lake in North Texas.

    It is also clear and the Brazos River runs through it.

    You could go to Possum Kingdom.

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    9 years ago

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