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Best and most perspective programming language to learn?

Hi, i have a question about learning some programming language?

I am absolutely new in all those IT stafs, also intrested in learning some language.

Question is, what is the best programming language to learn and to work with.

When i say best i mean which of those(java, c++, c# etc...) are most payed, easy to get a job, and what is the language of the future?

Sorry for bad english, anyway.

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  • Jared
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    8 years ago
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    You do NOT want to start with assembly language!

    Honestly, I would learn C first, then Java and you'll be good. If your job requires C++ or C# you can learn it from what you know in Java and C (not so sure about C#, but C++ is an extension of the C language--virtually all C code is legal C++ code).

    The reason I would say learn C first, is that for your first few programs C, Java, C++, Python, C#--it's not going to really matter (unless you pick a language like LISP). So since Java syntax is based on C syntax, it won't be that hard to go to Java.

    But if you go deeper into C, you can get a feel for pointers and how memory is represented by the compiler (which will be similar for Java and certainly C++)...then once you understand what a pointer is, you can understand what is meant in Java when they say all objects are pointers...

    ...after you get a feel for C, then go to Java and learn Object Oriented programming. To learn OO style programming you just have to practice--which means you'll have to work on a project (something that doesn't make sense to try and put into a single file).

    To be perfectly honest, unless you think you want to work on compilers, there's no real point in learning Assembly. I would expect if you get a BS in Computer Science that you will learn at least some assembly and it's DEFINITELY good for making you understand exactly what the computer is doing--but I don't know of any jobs that would require assembly programming unless you are working on embedded systems, compilers, or operating systems.

    Any kind of general software development will NOT be done in assembly.


    As far as the language of the future, I don't think there is a single language for one and second, C has been around since the 70s--it's not going anywhere in the foreseeable future.

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  • 8 years ago

    Depends on what level of knowledge you want.

    Assembly is likely the hardest language to learn but once you know it, you understand the raw basics and fundamentals of programming better then many of the best C++ programmers around, not to mention that you can create faster, smaller, better running programs then you can in any other language.

    The problem with assembly is that programming in it is time consuming and difficult. If you really, and I mean really want to know what you are getting into, learn assembly first, then branch out. Other then that I have no advice, I haven't programmed myself in years, I just know that assembly is the base of all other languages (every other language essentially converts to assembly upon execution) The issue is that you can't use assembly (to my knowledge) to create a flash game.

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  • bradon
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    3 years ago

    Of the 2 I might persist with VB. C# relatively can not do extra as soon as you recognize what you're doing. The so much that may be mentioned is you need to wrestle towards it much less. But VB will also be very robust

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