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How to sing a messa di voce like Montserrat Caballe?

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    One of the most difficult exercises for singers is the messa di voce which The New Harvard Dictionary of Music (1986) defines as "a gradual crescendo and decrescendo on a sustained [sung] note." Messa di voce, "placing the voice," comes from the Italian mettere (to place). Various experts, including Will Crutchfield, consider this skill the ultimate test for a singer. The effect was first discussed by Giulio Caccini (Le nuove musiche, 1601-2) who used the phrase "crescere e scemare della voce." It was one of the primary exercises leading to the mastery of nuance of tone, which was one of the most essential elements in bel canto singing. Many 18th century arias begin with a long messa di voce, as did the classical vocal cadenza, and it was prescribed as late as 1831, in Bellini’s Norma.

    Ideally, the tone in messa di voce should remain constant and full in both piano and forte, as well as during crescendo and decrescendo. The vibrato rate, intonation and resonance should also remain as close to constant as possible. During messa di voce, breath support must be adjusted to the change in intensity in order to produce a constant pitch and compensate for natural tendencies such as straining and pushing. In other words, the singer must not go sharp during the crescendo and flat during the decrescendo.

    Western operatic singers normally perform messa di voce using one of two different vocal techniques. In the first approach, the vocal folds are brought to their optimum state and are kept there for the entire exercise. The sound quality remains constant throughout the phonation without breathy initiation. The second technique involves a breathy beginning followed by a gradual closing of the vocal folds during crescendo and a gradual opening of the folds during decrescendo. The breathy sound eventually attains full timbre.

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