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Delta - Economy seating and extra space?

I'd like to bring my guitar on the plane with me but there most likely won't be enough room in the compartments above the seats. If I have a ticket for the Economy seating, does anyone know if we get "dibs" on the closet in the front before the other passengers? because I had that happen to me last year, as the economy class passengers had taken up all the closet space with jackets and such... GRR. :)

Please help! :D

Thanks so much!!!

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    Your guitar is going to have to be checked in as baggage.

    Here is Delta's official policy from their website:

    Musical Instruments

    Traveling with a musical instrument? Musical instruments and/or equipment are accepted as checked baggage, carry-on baggage, or cabin-seat baggage depending on the size and shape on Delta and Delta Connection® carriers flights¹. Please help us to keep your instrument safe by bringing it in a hard-shell case.

    What Musical Instruments Can Be Checked?

    Musical instruments or equipment can be checked if the total linear dimension (length+width+height) does not exceed 115 inches (292 cm) and provided the weight, including the case, does not exceed 100 lbs. (45 kg).

    Standard rules and fees for overweight and oversized baggage

    What Musical Instruments Can Be Carried On?

    Guitars and other smaller musical instruments, such as violins, will be accepted as your free carry-on baggage item on Delta and Delta Connection® carriers flights¹. These items must easily fit in the overhead bin or other approved storage location in the cabin, based on available space at the time of boarding. If adequate space is not available, then the item must be checked and fees will apply.

    What Musical Instrument Might Need A Seat Of Its Own?

    You may purchase a full fare ticket for an item that you feel is too fragile to be handled as checked baggage. You may stow the baggage in any passenger seat with a bulkhead or divider in front of the compartment. The following restrictions apply. The item:

    Must not exceed 100 lbs. (45 kg)

    Must be packaged or covered in a way to avoid injury to other passengers

    Must be properly secured by a seatbelt to avoid shifting during flight

    Must not restrict access to, or use of, any required emergency or regular exits or aisle of the cabin

    Must not obscure any passenger's view of seatbelt, no smoking, or exit signs

    Must not contain dangerous goods

    Must be secured in a seat in the same cabin as the owner and preferably next to the owner

    For pricing information, Contact Reservations.

    The key point for the carry on option is the guitar is your carry on item. And only if there is room in the overhead compartment. Now with almost all flights at near capacity, the odds that there will be room for your guitar is unlikely. Also if you bring your guitar as a carry on, then you can't bring a bag with your clothes. And if there is even a closet on your aircraft, That's for 1st Class.

    Have no idea what you are talking about when you say the economy passengers took up all the closet space? On most aircraft there is only one and is controlled by the crew.

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    The only closet space on commercial airlines are this in first class. People in coach *never* get to use them.

    If you check the guitar (which you will likely have to do) pad it well in the case, place extra padding under the neck to support it and make sure it closes tightly and securely.

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    no, cuz special airways provide special quantities of leg room. u can discover those on-line. additionally, for instance, united has economic system plus, which has a huge broaden in leg room. additionally, in all economic system cabins, the very entrance of each and every cabin can have plenty extra leg room than the relaxation. and, seats within the emergency go out typically do too

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