Why does the Occupy (OWS) not openly admit, the protest is about socialism?

Many liberals just can't come out of the closet and admit the democratic party is aligned and permeated with socialism and socialists, yet they support socialism rather than capitalism.

The "S" word seems to be forbidden to use by liberals and their media but people supporting OWS are united in desire for more government controls and see only capitalism as evil and corrupt.

Every time communism has been forced down the victim's throats, its resulted in mass murder and oppression for everyone except the new 1% (government bureaucrats).

Collectively Mao, Stalin, Castro, Che and other communist dictators have murdered over 100 million people, over twenty times the number of Jew slaughtered by Hitler. The liberal media wants you to believe only Hitler killed innocents but communists are the largest mass murderers, ever.

Socialism is about government control too and is certainly a gateway to communism, but liberals can not use the "S" or "C" words to describe their political agendas.

Are liberals aware of the contempt the Soviet Union had for far left liberals? Would they be shocked to know, the Soviets referred to liberals as useful idiots (see Wikipedia link).

Why is the revolt and uprising against capitalism not associated with socialism and communism, each of these groups are solidly supporting the OWS, as are most enemies of the USA.

Is the definition of a liberal, a socialist in denial?

It just does not make sense why the OWS protesters lack the courage to admit their preference of socialism over capitalism, why are they so cowardly?




ingsoc1 WHAT! an honest liberal, you might be the only one. You are right, socialist leaders are not the mass murderers that communists have always been but they are first cousins.

Surrendering your personal freedoms to government bureaucrats is a recipe for disaster, there is nothing more corrupt than a government bureaucrat. Thanks for being honest though, liberals can not say the "S" word, why?

Update 2:

tehebwa- with socialism, 99% if us starve with the exception of the new 1%- government bureaucrats.

Update 3:

Bushed- you could not be more wrong, capitalism is the only economy that makes freedom possible, government is the problem, government is the cause of loss of freedom. Your idealistic thinking does not realistically account for the corruption always associated with socialism and the horrific unproductive economy when government destroys incentives to work hard, take risk and growth.

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  • 9 years ago
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    A large majority of the people that are actually participating in OWS aren't really aware themselves that they are fighting for socialism. They believe that they are fighting a noble and just cause that benefits everyone with the agenda of taking the corruption out of Wall Street. The ones that are aware that what they are doing is supporting a communist agenda know that enough time hasn't passed since the cold war and people are still going to reject the idea of socialism when called that outright.

    If you grew up before the '90's and you were an American, you were pretty much taught that socialism is a really bad thing. I'm still amazed over this transformation of our nation from a freedom loving group to a rabal of socialist criminals at the highest levels. Just makes you shake your head...

  • 4 years ago

    RANT no longer a Q stating the incredibly issues of Capitalism isn't the comparable as endorsing Communism, which by capability of ways became by no capability tried anyplace. a totalitarian dictatorship is as some distance from a communal team as you will get unfastened eneetrprise isn't what our croney capital gadget of oligargarcy, capability to the very few extremely wealthy and useful is actuall with reference to the artwork by capability of Adam smith "wealth of countries" written as a results of fact the business revolution and capitalism became arising has sparkling regulations aout a trustworthy enjoying container, which we don't have from now on and particular by no capability did. dictators are undesirable no argument, yet OWS is against the dictatorship of the mega banks and intensely wealthy. the easy economic actuality is by technique of the fact the Nineteen Seventies merely approximately each and all the international locations welth has shifted to the stunning a million% and firms. from 1950 -1970 the midsection type became increaseing and the form of undesirable lowering. when you consider that then merely the alternative

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Because it isn't, it's about fairness.

    Apparently you don't know what socialism means when used in the context of an economic policy. Socialism isn't always bad. Germany has been a socialist country for hundreds of years. In the 1800's you could go to college for $5; they had a very well-educated nation. Of course, you idiots who support Tea Buggers don't want an educated electorate or population, they would be to well-informed to be Republicans until they make 5 or 6 million dollars a year.

    If we keep going the way we are headed capitalism will be the death of democracy. Which do you want, capitalism or democracy?

  • 9 years ago

    Because most Americans think socialism is corrupt and that communism means everyone lives in complete poverty. While it is an imperfect system, socialism has a lot of benefits. Liberals tend to have a lot more socialist views than fascist, so I guess you could say that most liberals are socialists in denial (keyword: most).

    I think the main answer to your question is that communism in the states is almost synonymous with dictatorship, for some odd reason relating back to the '60s. It's probably a lack of understanding.

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  • 9 years ago

    I am a socialist have no problem admitting it. And OWS does not have a central platform

    And what do a bunch of dictators and communist have to do with socialism?

    edit: Because most Liberals believe in a mix economy just like most cons.

    Funny Scandinavian which is completely socialist does not have any problems with freedom

  • 9 years ago

    Republicans are in the same group of collectivists, they may speak a good game but in the end they spend just as much as democrats and increase the size of government even more than democrats.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    your a moron listen to yourself occupy wall street is alot of people thinking that they are all socialist is asinine that's like saying that all tea partiers are racist of coarse some are but you cant group people together like that we are individuals and btw russia china cuba North korea they are dictatorships socialism marxism Communism libertarianism are similar and no government today is ran by their ideologies that i happen to agree with

  • 9 years ago

    Why do morons keep insisting people "admit" to things that are lies?

    The other question is why do morons hate America and Americans.

    Please explain why YOU think it's GOOD for half the country to starve to death.

  • David
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    9 years ago

    The fact that you think the OWS movement is about socialism just proves you're a tea bagging idiot.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Why don't you TeaTards just admit you want fascism as your form of government.

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