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Has anyone ever tried DMT?

Has anyone ever tried DMT "Dimethyltryptamine" for medicinal or recreational purposes? How did you take it, what was the experience like, do you plan to or would you do it again? Please serious answers only!

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    DMT is not a good recreational drug DMT is your ultimate entheogen it is to power full to be used for recreational reasons people who do use DMT for recreational reasons describe the experience as being cosmically annihilated in to an oblivion. People who use DMT for entheogenic reasons describe the experience as being freed from the psychical body and merging with all of space and time in complete Harmony. I cant say DMT can never be used for recreational reasons it totally depends on your reasons for using hallucinogens. If you use hallucinogens because you like the fact that they alter your perception in new amazing ways or other reasons revolving around conciseness reality or spirituality then you are a person that could successfully use DMT recreationally, if you use hallucinogens because they let you escape reality or they make you feel good or just because you see things that aren't there then DMT will be a wake up slap that will scar you for live.

    another thing is your experience with psychedelics, if you want to use DMT for entheogenic reasons but you haven't tried any thing else DMT will be over the top for you another thing is if your a recreational hallucinogen user and you've tried it all and you want to experience some thing stronger you could use DMT successfully id say you should have tried using LSD or srooms at high doses,a strong dissociative like PCP DXM or Ketamine (pot doesn't count) and a entactogen and i would highly advise to try mescaline be for DMT then your ok to use DMT . But I cant tell you what to do :P

    so ill stop ranting and answer you question

    So yes i have used DMT before

    It was extracted from phalaris arundinacea or reed canary grass and i smoked it in a pipe, very heavy smoke very hard on the lungs held the smoke in for 40 seconds. i was standing up out side running frantically to distract my self from exhaling

    my experience, i couldn't handle the smoke any more so i quickly exhaled i was expecting my extract to be quite week... i was wrong i was tripping ******* balls instantly i stumbled to control my self and sit down i ended up falling on my face in the grass. it felt like things were pulling me i was being warped and distorted like crazy i let out a loud almost hysterical laugh and showed out YES!!! at the top of my lugs to try and convince my self this was 100% fun then i way quickly shot out of my body and through space and time faster then the speed of light at the same time it felt like i was experiencing every thing in the world all at once time didn't exists it was amazing totally looking foreword for the next time

    hope this answers your question :D

    happy tripping!!!

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    I have tried it, and it has a lot of chemical 'cousins' each with their own unique properties.

    It's interesting, for a little while, but I can't imagine abusing it or anything, and am in no hurry to do it again. lol - I just remembered one particular experience and it made me laugh thinking about it.

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    If you want drug information including stories about people's personal experiences, is your best friend and ally.

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    i met a guy who said he smoked it, and had a small 10 minute trip where he experienced his death,.

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