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How can I change my last name, and can it be whatever I want?

My current last name is actually two last names: Jackson-Goodwin. Goodwin is my grandfather's last name, and Jackson was my father's last name when he was running from the police (unbeknownst to the rest of my family), so when I was born, I got saddled with it. Legally, Jackson is my last name.

My grandfather beat my grandmother mercilessly and made my father's, aunt's, and uncles' lives hell. My father is an evil, evil man, and a criminal. I didn't see him for ten years because he was doing hard time. I don't want either of their names, because there are simply too many bad memories for me.

So I wanted to take up my mother's maiden name: Harris, because my mother has always been there for me, unlike my father, and she's such a wonderful woman. Plus, I love her side of the family.

Can I change my name to my mother's last name, or do I have to stick with either my father's or grandfather's name? What legal hoops do I have to jump through to change my last name to Harris?

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    You must petition the Court for a name change.

    Applications for Name Changes may be filed in the county where you reside. The process begins by completing a Petition for Name Change. The original Petition is filed with the clerk in any district court division located within the county of your residence. Photo ID may be required. If a sealed name change is required, the petition must be filed with the Superior Court.

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    You can change your last name to just about anything you want, as long as you are not doing it to evade the police, a lawsuit, or similar action. Your actual reasons won't matter much to the court.

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    It depends on where you're living. In the state where I live, and most other states, you can change your name for any reason so long as it's not for fraudulent purposes.

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    Ask Chad Ocho Cinco.

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    yes you can do it by either(in englend) deed poll or statutory declaration and can change it to whatever you want

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