Can you help me with my project on immigration?

I'm doing a project about assimilation in America for a summer class and it's the only grade we have for the whole course.

I live in Cumberland County, NJ and there are a lot of people who live here who are from other countries (Russia, Ukraine, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Phillipines, etc) I know people from all these places and I want to interview them.

There are a couple families and a few individuals I want to interview.

I need like 10 - 20 minutes for each interview (since I want like 5 mins of material).

So what questions should I ask for the interview?



WTF? Half of those questions are wildly inappropriate. It's a project about assimilation. I'm not looking to make a political point here. Relax. jeez...

To everyone, these are all LEGAL immigrants, by the way.

Update 2:

And just because someone is from another country doesn't mean he's/she's poor.

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    8 years ago
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    1) Do you enjoy living in America more than your native country and why?

    2) Have you encountered any difficulty with the people, politics or society in general in America?

    3) What parallels have you noticed between your native country and America?

    4) Have you ever felt that you have been treated unfairly or judged because of you being from another country in America?

    5) Have you noticed Americans to be generally tolerable towards your culture and traits?

    6) What is your opinion on the way in which America has conducted itself in terms of militaristic and economic matters since your arrival in the US?

    7) Did you find it initially difficult to assimilate into the general population and if so, why do you believe think so?

    That will probably be enough for a 20 minute interview.

    Source(s): I did a similar assignment a few years ago, and this resembles the questions I asked.
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  • Nagato
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    8 years ago

    Are they happy living in the US?

    Did it meet their expectation?

    Do they ever wish to go back to their country?

    And you can ask why for each answer

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