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我的英文不好 煩請幫忙中翻英 謝

先跟你問好 昨天你沒上線有點失望 想再跟你說說話 跟你說話讓我心情很好 或許你可能不這麼認為 這是我第一次和外國人講話 我很重視 但我英文不好 你還願意與我交談 我很感動 不知溝通上還可以嗎? 有些線上翻譯的話 或許會誤解為別的意思 希望別造成你的困擾才好

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    Hello! I was disappointed at not communicating with you on line yesterday.it definitely makes me happy while I am talking to you.how about you? this is the first time that I have ever talked to foreigner.I pay more attention on this thing,but I can not speak english well.that is the reason why I am impressed with your consideration.is there anything wrong while we talk to each other?I hope that Chinese- Englishonline translation will not cause you a lot of trouble.---------

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