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    Over the years hunters, poachers, and war have killed many of the gorillas of central Africa. But there are still a few hundred living high in the mists of the Virunga Mountains. When Dian Fossey first saw a family of wild mountain gorillas in the Virungas she knew that she must help these wonderful animals. This true story tells of the twenty years she lived with them, watched them, wrote about them, and protected them. In the end, she gave her life for them.

    這些年以來在中非由於獵人,盜獵者以及戰爭的原因殘殺了很多大猩猩.但是仍有數百隻神隱在維龍加山脈上靜悄悄的住著. 當黛安弗西第一次在維龍加山脈看到一群野生大猩猩家族時,她就知道她注定要幫助這些美妙的動物. 本書根據真人真事改編,描述了黛安弗西這二十年來與大猩猩們一起生活,觀察牠們,紀錄牠們,保護牠們. 直到最後,她為牠們獻上了性命.

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