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if 和 assuming that

我想請問為什麼 if 可以換成 assuming that

不能換成 assume that?

(真的會和 providing that 和 provided that 弄混淆)

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    Let's assume [=suppose] (that) she rejects your invitation. What will you do then? = Assuming (that) she rejects your invitation, what will you do? [=what will you do if she rejects your invitation?] ▪assuming that不能換成 assume that?可以的,以下就有例句Assume that I'm going to get rid of $20,000 and my only concern is the "common good". Which of these is the best use of the money: give it to the Gates foundation, buy a hybrid car, invest it in a promising startup, invest it in the S&P500, give it to the US government, give it to a school, other? 之外尚有whether or not (不論)even if (即使)in case that (倘使)in the event (that ) (假若)unless (除非)only if (只有)providing/provided (that) (假若;倘使)suppose/supposing (that) (假使)

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  • 版主所提出的疑問,在高中英文文法中稱為【慣用引介法】。

    而像provided that, given that 用來引介子句的用法大家習慣了以後,也漸漸約定成俗,統稱為【慣用語連接詞】。故討論這類型連接詞時,動詞的時態不必太過刁鑽。

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    assume that 則不屬於上述的慣用法,使用時端看前後文的句構。

    通常以 Assume that . . . 開頭的句子,都可以該寫成 Suppose that (如同Geoffrey大師),因為是祈使句,所以用原形動詞。

    要用 assume that 連接子句也可以,這時候就必須採取分詞構句,故才會出現版主所提的說法,惟須注意,因為"assuming that"不屬於慣用語連接詞,所以使用時必須注意主詞的一致性。

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    if 和 assuming that

    為什麼 if 可以換成 assuming that而不能換成 assume that?


    簡單說: 要用assuming 或 assume 得看前面的主詞是誰(第幾人稱, 單複數等)?

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