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對奧斯卡 王爾德作家 了解的請進來

上課老師介紹到 王爾德時問了一句: How does Oscar Wilde show his criticism on Victorian hypocrisy? (hypocrisy: 虛假的意思)

但沒有人會回答。 請問有專業人士可以幫忙解惑嗎? 用英文解釋 並講心得感想 in

English essay!

ps: 記得....王爾德 好像會用詼諧的方式來嘲諷 維多莉亞時期的精神....價值觀之類,, 但這題目 要怎麼呈現虛假呢???? >3<

幫忙回應吧~ (鞠躬)


TO 上面1樓 不要請勿打廣告,謝謝。

TO uncle sea : 謝謝耶~ 回答的不錯!!

也歡迎大家 一起來解答~ 心存感激 >''

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    The major target of Wilde's scathing social criticism is the hypocrisy that society creates . Frequently in Victorian society, its participants comported themselves in overly sincere, polite ways while they harbored conversely manipulative, cruel attitudes. Wilde exposes this divide in scenes such as when Gwendolen and Cecily behave themselves in front of the servants or when Lady Bracknell warms to Cecily upon discovering she is rich. However, the play truly pivots around the word "earnest." Both women want to marry someone named "Ernest," as the name inspires "absolute confidence"; in other words, the name implies that its bearer truly is earnest, honest, and responsible. However, Jack and Algernon have lied about their names, so they are not really "earnest." But it also turns out that (at least in Jack's case) he was inadvertently telling the truth. The rapid flip-flopping of truths and lies, of earnestness and duplicity, shows how truly muddled the Victorian values of honesty and responsibility were.

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