skyrim quest bug: "The Cursed Tribe", Chief Yamarz attacks me, cannot kill him his health regens!!?

so i stumbled upon the camp for this quest and after killing a few of the orcs in there I went into the big house and Chief Yamarz started attacking me, and as i am a level 100 archer I started peppering him with arrows until his health went down to nothing (took ages?!) as soon as that happened he instantly had full health and started attacking me again, this happened 3 times before I exited the game and reloaded my last save, as soon as I entered the area again he attacked me and the same issue occured...any ideas?! I even tried using the console command "kill" after selecting him and it just simply lowered his health to nothing and then it popped right back to really baffled here?!



im a level 34 breton

archery: level 100

sneak: level 84

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    8 years ago
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    i had this exact same issue in my last game. Only reason i can think of is doing the quest to gain access to the Orc strongholds instead of The Cursed Tribe Daedric quest.

    my issue -

    Old game - the first Orc stronghold i went to was the one near Windhelm because it has an ebony mine. (i already finished the game so knew where to go)

    I had to do a quest to retrieve something (gloves maybe) to be granted access into all the strongholds. After quest completed i was able to enter all 5 fine except the Riften stronghold, where i was in the same position as you - unkillable Chief who was hostile towards me & no other Orcs there.

    Newer game - Went to the Riften stronghold first & got the Cursed Tribe quest ok. I can now also visit other strongholds without incident too but dont have the option to complete the other 'retrieval' quest.

    so i reckon it wants us to do 1 quest or the other but not both.

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    8 years ago

    Okay, I had a similar problem with a dark brother hood quest. Whenever I would go talk to a person in the town, they would attack me, and then guards would attack me, with the quest not yet started. I found that I had a bounty in a town really close to where I was, and that, after paying it off, I could continue the quest by speaking to that person.

    Do you know if you have a bounty near there?

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