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Snow white & the huntsman ending?

Just watched Snow White & the huntsman movie & i thought it was okay. Was left a bit dissapointed by the ending because it didn't show a clear indication of who she chose the huntsman or the other guy? can anyone clear that up? am i missing somthing? thanks :)

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    Upon careful consideration, I've decided that, since Snow was alone when she awoke, she might not even be aware she was kissed. If she was, though, and if she talked about it later, there are plenty of witnesses to say that William kissed her while she slept. And probably someone will figure that's what broke the spell.

    The point of the ending is that neither Snow nor the huntsman realized the true meaning of what happened, and so neither knows who their true love really is. And since that makes them just like the rest of us, I actually liked how it ended.

    Ozzieamy, I stand by my assessment, but I like your thinking. This really didn't seem like a love story to me either. It's clear, though, that his time with Snow has brought to life a part of the huntsman he had given up on ever knowing again. Before they met he was a broken man, and now he's not. I don't see any way for him NOT to love her. Figuratively and literally, she saved his life. Like you, though, I don't see it as romantic love. It is selfless, though, so I guess that was what was really needed here.

    For those others who didn't like the film so well, all I can say is you must be looking for the fairy tale in all this. Yeah, there are plenty of fairies, but this story remakes Snow White in the classic image of King Arthur.

    In those tales the health of land and folk was magically tied to the country's leadership. As the King suffered, so did the land. When Arthur first pulled the sword from the stone, the leaderless country was a dark and forbidding place, but after he stepped up and claimed his birthright law returned to England and things improved. When his queen was banished the heart left him, and the land again suffered.

    Now we see Snow's foray into the dark forest as an exposure to the evil wrought by Queen Ravenna, but just being there seemed to weaken the spell enough for her to survive even though she was unconscious. She should have died since she was at the forest's mercy, but the forest relented, just as the bridge troll later did. And the more she stepped up and took responsibility, the more things improved.

    This wasn't a fairy tale of a princess in love. It was about a queen's right of passage. That's the reason for the scene with the white creature that personified the land. It's also why she returned to her castle fully decked out in armor like Joan of Arc. She was no damsel, she was the hero. Once you realize that and stop looking for soap opera romance, the flick is much easier to enjoy ;)

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    I seriously watched this movie like three hours ago, and I must say, I was thoroughly disappointed. Certain components of it were very well done, such as the beautiful special effects and the fantastic portrayal of the Evil Queen by Charlize Theron. However, I think that at the end the writers either got lazy or tried to make the end seem like it was deeper than it actually was. The character of William was completely irrelevant, and the "love story" between Snow White and the Huntsman was neither developed well nor evoked any sort of emotion. Save for Stewart, there was a myriad of fantastic actors and actresses in this movie, but they were sorely misused, and only Theron's character really hit the mark. So, I do think she "ends up" with the Huntsman, but the writing was so poorly done that by the end, I personally lost all interest in the story and only really cared about a few characters.

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    Snow white & the huntsman ending?

    Just watched Snow White & the huntsman movie & i thought it was okay. Was left a bit dissapointed by the ending because it didn't show a clear indication of who she chose the huntsman or the other guy? can anyone clear that up? am i missing somthing? thanks :)

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    I've just watched the movie...Well, in the end you can clearly see Snow White with this twilight stare at Huntsman. Also, in the last scene, they don't show William very much. Huntsman appears with a different hairstyle, which shows clearly that he ends up with Snow White! I think it's pretty clear! hahahahahahaha...well...they could show a better ending scene....

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    Haha everyone is asking the same question


    Snow white didn't fall for Prince William. He loved her but she didn't feel the same. Hence that's why she didn't wake up when he kissed her. They just remain friends.

    Snow white DID fall for the Huntsman BUT the Huntsman did not fall for her. Many people think he did, when actually when she was asleep and he was giving that massive speech, he was thanking her for reminding him who he used to be before he became a drunk. He apologises for not being there for her or for his wife but she did remind him a lot of his wife. He kisses her because in medieval times that was how you said goodbye to a friend. She loved him because she woke up. But the Huntsman was just doing his job and returning her safely. At the end of the film he looks like he's about to leave

    I love this film for the reason that there was no romance to spoil it

    Hope to have helped

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    Yeahh, i do agree with ni4n,, only charlize character did hit the movie :s they have a handsome huntsman and beautiful princess but didn't potrayed it well.. i think snow white didn't realize her love to the huntsman,, she fell because she kissed william right? She did kissed him first -___-" - Before she ate the poisonous apple~ didn't really get a fairy tale ending in this movie.. Something's missing, the important part i though..

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    I think that they left it open to guess for yourself on purpose. Considering though that only Huntsman was the one that could wake her (with true love's kiss), I'm personally thinking she got with the huntsman.

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    im pretty sure a sequel has already been announced, so i think they just wanted us viewers to be in anticipation until the next installment. i think at first she'll choose the prince, but than she'll go for the huntsman in the end. the sequel just seems like it'll be a love triangle

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    Its just like twilight lol, she doesent know who to choose cx jk , but the huntsman, since his kiss woke her up.

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    nope nothing really she becomes queen and we don't know if she chooses huntsman or william just saw that movie in theaters today

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