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If interest rate is cut today by RBA , what will be the effect on the Australian dollar exchange rate?

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is tipped to lower interest rates today. What effect will that have on the AUD exchange rate? .. Eg AUD/USD

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    It will be devalued or depreciated against the dollar. But it might be hard because the fund rate in the US is and will be near zero until 2014.But it will be against the Euro.

  • T_T
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    9 years ago

    There are overseas investors who borrow money from their countries at very low repayments and put the sum into an Australian bank which pays high interest. Eventually they take it out and make a profit.

    Lowering interest rates means that profitability for those people would decrease so there would be fewer people carrying out this type if investment. Demand for AUD is lower and price falls.

    You can also see it as overseas investors, like the above, retracting their money from Australian banks. Supply is greater than demand so price falls.

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    4 years ago

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