Question for transgendered women on HRT?

Hi, I'm a MTF transgender that is starting HRT in two weeks and so excited! I'm curious, what changes did you see on your face? Did it affect your head hair at all? Thanks!


I'm 22, am I still young enough to see dramatic results?

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    There is no way to predict what results you will get from HRT, but the closer you are to puberty, typical, the more changes you can expect to see. Everyone responds to hormones differently, so age isn't the only factor. From what I can see, many older Transitioners still get decent changes, but they take LONGER. The changes I've seen in myself in 2.5 years on HRT I've seen Trans women in their 20's get in a year. I also found that injectible estrogen worked much better for me than orals.

    My face changed in a number of ways. First, my pores got smaller and my skin got smoother. The muscles in the back of my jaw diminished, and the fullness in the lower part of my face diminished, so my chin seemed smaller. My cheeks and cheekbones became softer and rounder, the end of my nose got a little smaller, and the fleshy areas above my eye sockets got thinner. Also, keep in mind that removing facial hair makes the skin appear more translucent and feminine. I consider it to be a big thing.

    My hair improved quite a bit, and I did get some regrowth in areas I had recently lost. I was also able to grow it longer than I could before HRT. It's still only about half as thick as what I had at 25, but for 47, I've got decent hair for my age. I'm just happy I don't need a wig or transplants.

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    you may want to take some pictures. the changes are gradual, and since you see your face every day, you may not notice any change at all.

    i started hormones at 21. i went from having nice (for a boy) skin to a model-perfect porcelain complexion. this was the first thing people noticed. people thought i was gaining weight as i started to look softer and rounder. then people stopped asking me what i was and started thinking i was a girl. i was using women's bathrooms after about six months. being young will do that.

    my scalp hair got thicker, but my hairline didn't change. now that i'm 50 my hairline is in the same place it always was, but my hair is thinner all over. age will do that.

    i still needed electrolysis on my face. :-(

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    8 years ago

    I haven't personally seen many changes in my face, although friends tell me they're there. They are rather gradual. Mostly, you'll see your fat distribution change. Women store fat in their faces, so your face will "round out", as it were.

    As to head hair, if you've experienced male pattern baldness, don't expect to get the hair back. Estrogen will generally keep you from losing more, but that's about it. My stylist has told me that it appears my hair is getting thicker, and she has seen some regrowth, but that really isn't something one should expect.

    And 22 is fine. Obviously the younger the better, but I think you've caught it early enough.

    Good luck.

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    3 years ago

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    8 years ago

    Hey! I'm not transgender, just a random lesbian on the internet, but I just wanted to say congratulations! You're going to be such a beautiful young woman (:

    Cheers! <3

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