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Is this a possible answer as to why most Arabs are so poor and illiterate?

Results of the United Nations sponsored 2002 Arab Human Development Report ( Here are some highlights:

-Only 0.6% of the Arab population uses the Internet

-Only 1.2% has a personal computer

-Investment in research and development does not exceed 0.5 per cent of gross national product, well below the world average

-About 65 million adult Arabs are illiterate, two thirds of them women

-Illiteracy rates are much higher than in much poorer countries

-Science and technology output is quantifiable and measurable in terms of number of scientific papers per unit of population. The average

output of the Arab world per million inhabitants is roughly 2 per cent of that of an industrialized country

-Number of research scientists: US 466,211; Saudi Arabia 1,915

-If the steady deterioration in the quality of education in the Arab countries and the inability of education to meet the requirements of development

are not reversed, the consequences for human and economic development will be grave

-The number of illiterate people is still increasing, to the extent that Arab countries embark upon the twenty-first century burdened by over 60 million illiterate adults, the majority of whom are women

-Other, more cultural behaviours common in the Arab world can also have an adverse health impact. These include intermarriage between close relatives, promotion of early marriage, and female circumcision

-The Arab region has the lowest level of access to ICT (Information and Communication Technology) of all regions of the world, even lower than sub-Saharan Africa

-GDP in all Arab countries combined stood at $531.2 billion in 1999 (70% related to oil), less than that of a single European country, Spain, ($595.5 billion)

-Political participation is less advanced in the Arab world than in other developing regions (developing nation = a low level of material well-being)

-Deprivation in terms of basic human-development parameters is about 32.4 per cent as measured by the human poverty index (HPI) which defines deprivation in terms of short lives, illiteracy and lack of basic services.

-Out of 7 world regions the Arab countries had the lowest freedom score in the 1990’s

The Global Bell Curve: Race, IQ, and Inequality Worldwide is a book by Professor Richard Lynn, published by Washington Summit Publishers, June 2008. As its title implies, it builds upon the best-selling 1994 book The Bell Curve, by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, which presents extensive data suggesting that, in the United States, intelligence is a better predictor of socio-economic status (including earnings, employment, family size and involvement in crime) than are other commonly quoted factors. wikipedia

The consistent hierarchies of IQ and achievement reported in Lynn's synthesis can be summarized as follows:

-East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans) and Ashkenazi Jews (Average IQ of 105)

-Europeans (Average IQ 100)

-South East Asians (Average IQ 87)

-North Africans (Average IQ of 84)

-Sub-Saharan Africans (Average IQ of 67–80)

-Australian Aborigines (Average IQ of 62)

IQ and the Wealth of Nations is a 2002 book by Dr. Richard Lynn, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, and Dr. Tatu Vanhanen, Professor Emeritus of Political Science at the University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland.[1] The book argues that differences in national income (in the form of per capita gross domestic product) correlate with differences in the average national intelligence quotient (IQ).

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    The answer to what's causing it is just one word: Islam.

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    Major, you are just like the western media, spreading propaganda. Maybe your Little brains cannot understand that yahoo answers is meant for questions and answers. Get a life.

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    Oh, it's because of their race?

    Here I thought it was because their governments suck at administering a semi-competent education system coupled with a runaway birth rate.

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    man kinds way of wisdom is from their Father the Devil Our Creator will make fools of the so called Intelligent of this world run by Satan

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    They make good shish kebabs though

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