Should I buy the TB PX21 or the Tritton Ax 720 headset?

Ok, so I game almost every day, several hours a day, on my PlayStation 3. I'd like a good answer, explaining why one is better than the other. I'm looking for the one that's more comfortable, has better sound quality, better durability, and easier setup. I used to have a px21 for about a year and a half, but then it broke and I now have a sharkoon. Sharkoons are terrible and this one just broke. From what I remember the px21 wasn't bad, but since it was the first headset I owned I had nothing to compare it to and I don't remember much about it now. I've seen and heard a lot of reviews on each, and there have been people that say their Tritton breaks a lot and there's shitty customer service, and there are people that say their turtle beaches are made with cheap plastic and break all the time. Right now I'm leaning toward the Tritton because it seems easy to set up and it seems like the better all around headset. Most of the reviews I've seen are older, evaluating previous versions of the ax 720. I've heard the 2012 version is more lightweight and more comfortable. So basically: which one will provide better comfort form my ears and head during hours of gaming? Which one is more likely to break? Which one has better quality sound? Also...I know the px21 is compatible with the PC, but is the ax 720? I do spend some time on skype talking with friends so it would be nice to have a good mic for that as well. If the ax 720 isn't, is there something I can buy for it to make it compatible with the PC?


I do not own an xbox, only a PS3.

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    8 years ago
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    Tritton Ax 720 headset and you can buy it here for a good price and free shipping:

    I bought this headset to replace my incredibly uncomfortable Turtle Beach X12 headset. I only use this for my Xbox 360, and maybe if I want to play Counter Strike on PC every now and again. The comfort is amazing, the sound quality is amazing, frequency response is amazing, and Dolby audio is just amazing anyway. The only problem I have with this headset is the mic; it doesn't seem to respond as well as something from Turtle Beach or Astro. I have never been happier with any headset, and I've played with the Astro A40 system (it sounds great, but it's a Skullcandy product now, and I hate Skullcandy with a passion). This is a sturdy headset, but incredibly comfortable while on your head; the independent voice and game volume is a great feature that has become a standard on most gaming headsets; just the detachable microphone is my only complain against this headset, but even then it's not too terrible in all reality.

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  • shella
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    4 years ago

    I believe that you would be able to go together with Tritton TRIAX-720 AX 720 Dolby Digital surround Sound. I am sure you adore it & satisfy with it's good points. Discrete 5.1 surround-sound headphones; helps headset chatting; convenient to use; detachable microphone; compatible with most PCs, gaming consoles, and any gadget with an optical audio output. Excellent for close to all applications, top notch sound, weight no longer an trouble if you do not put on them for 147 hours straight.Fanatastic sound. Light-weight, cozy telephones.Sound best efficiency computer and console compatible high nice voice chat with unbiased voice and recreation quantity controls 5.1 simulated Dolby professional-common sense encompass Sound lovely comfy fee!

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