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snow white and the huntsman?

loved this movie but was confused on 3 parts:

1.) did the evil queen's brother like kristen stewart?

2.) did william-the brown haired boy that liked snow white- get together with her? the one that played with her as a kid.

3.) or did her and the huntsman get together?

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    1) The brother did like her, but not in the romantic, I love you, marry me kind of way, but in the

    Ted Bundy, I set and watch you, lust after you kind of way.

    2) I think she as a certain amount of affection for William (the Dukes son) and would have married him if the whole evil queen thing didn't happen, but at the end of the movie, after she ate the apple, he kissed her and she did not wake up, but when the Huntsman kissed her she came back to life. William at the end of the movie is in the crowd and not by her side which suggest that he and she are not going to be together.

    3) The Huntsman's kiss is the one that woke her. While she is dead he tells her that he is a better man because of her and in short he loves her, she is seen crying after he leaves which suggest that she heard what he said to her. Also while they are with the dwarfs they share that look and then the one dwarf ask him if what he is doing is just because of the gold or is there more, again suggesting he is already developing feelings for her.

    However, at the end of the movie they do not really tell you if she is going to end up with him or if he is going to be leaving. They do, however, share a knowing look. I like to think that the huntsman goes on his own for a while to allow her to be a queen to the country and then comes back later (maybe sequel...there has been talk of a possible sequel before even the movie was released). I think that at the end of the movie the producers were trying to make her look like a strong woman who could stand on her own rather then needing a king by her side, which may be why they left the end of the movie so ambiguous.

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    1. The brother was a perv who harassed Kristen Stewart

    2. William didn't get with Snow white- he loved her but she didn't feel the same way

    3. The huntsman didn't get with her either- he kissed her to thank her for giving him his old personality back and reminding him why he loved his wife. She did love him though because she woke up.

    Hope to have helped

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    1) Yes, but one could make the argument that it was just disgusting lust.

    2) In the movie he did not. And judging by how it was left off, I doubt that they will at all. She does not love William.

    3) She did not get together with the Huntsman. Notice that he was not given a name. That's because that is all that he is: a huntsman that fufilled his mission. There were never any romantic indicators in the movie and there is a very strong argument that the kiss he gave Snow White was a parting kiss common in mideavel times among people who are close to each other. And so, he was saying his good bye.

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    I just watched the movie, here's what I guessed.

    1-the queens brother did like snow white, but not in a friendly way but in a sexual way.

    2- I think William and snow white got together for a compromise, like an arranged marriege even though she loves the huntsman. That's the only thing I didn't like about the movie'


    Chris hemsworth is so hot!

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    Actually the huntsman name was Eric, Oscar

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  • Daisy
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    The werewolf liked her, but she ended up marrying the vampire.

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