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Advice about opera singing all advice is welcome?

So my music teacher she used to be an opera singer and I want to be an opera singer but here's the thing she's got me singing out of this book for young solo singers wich i call the green book and Its not even an opera book like isnt there something out there like a beginners opera singing book or something dude I've been in that book for so long I'm ready to move on how do I tell her I'm ready to move on or take me seriously like she did the same hint to me when I wants to do piano but at first she didnt take me seriously and then I had to tell her five times before she got the message I wanted to do piano and voice so advice will be great PS I got my vibrato developed PSS I'm only 13

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    There's a book called 24 Italian songs and Arias. It comes in medium high and medium low. I believe it's where most young opera singers begin, most of the songs are fairly simple, aside from being in Italian. I started singing out of it at 15, so you're not too much younger. There are lots of books out there, you might need to start with art songs and arias first though before you start singing opera. I'm not sure how to convince her you're ready to move on, other than maybe telling her that you already know all of the songs in that book and you have a new one you'd like to start, but maybe you really aren't ready yet, there's no way for me to know, but you could always give it a try and I wish you luck!

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    Then once more, ALL opera singers have YEARS of vocal courses and YEARS of coaching at the back of themselves, and plenty of keep taking making a song courses for the duration of their careers, so there may be NO WAY for an untrained character to be labeled as an opera singer instantly (studying of correct making a song & respiring systems and whatnot is CRUCIAL for ANY variety of singers besides). Just do not allow your dream die away with out consulting a completely-educated vocal trainer first, handiest any such trainer can investigate your possibilities to be a singer, on account that he/she ought to be within the equal area with you, listening to and seeing you. Please do not stop simply but!

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