Can a computer display images thru a network hub to a 55 inch tv.?

Here's my set up. Wall jack internet to 4 port non-wireless Hub to computer (windows7). Hub out over 50ft ethernet cable to Blu ray,... HDMI from Blu Ray to the 55 inch TV. The TV has no Ethernet in port. It would be nice to be able to direct the Computers VGA' s output to the TV over the network and not run a 50 foot VGA cable into the TV. I can use the Blu Ray (Sony DBP-s580) to fetch JPEGS and Mpegs for display on the tv. But the Blu Ray is so incredibly slow!! with no Keyboard/mouse. And internet surf is Slow!

Do I buy a Second Computer for the Family room? UGG!!

The Family room has no telephony jacks.. Only the Kitchen 20 feet away.


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    I use a Linksys DMA2100 Media Center Extender with my Vista PC. Amazon UK appear to have one in stock. I watch TV recorded on my PC and MPEG and WMV9 videos and JPEG photographs; and I listen to my music library through the DMA2100. It can connect to the TV through SCART or HDMI. I use HDMI at 1080p. I can watch a slideshow and play music simultaneously. The unit networks by Ethernet or WiFi.

    Check out:


    The Xbox 360 appears to be the way to go for XP or Windows 7. You need a media center version of Windows.

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    In xp open the manage panel you'll be able to to find an icon referred to as network setup wizard use this it is very handy to make use of there will have to be anything equivalent in Vista. Operating programs don't matter on the subject of networking I've a xp, linux and home windows 98 computer systems networked and they work satisfactory

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