Have you seen this story that is similar to the Trayvon Martin case that happened a few days ago?

I'm leaving a yahoo link for people that don't like to read and 2 news articles. I had an opinion but for whatever reason Yahoo won't let me post my question so i'll just make this as objective as possible.


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Sorry I meant youtube link. I would like to hear some thought on it.

Update 2:

@Lonely Suburbanite Umm... no... he wasn't arrested and is still not arrested. Wasn't even charged with a crime. Did you even read the article douchebag?

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  • 8 years ago
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    It really does. I recall Zimmerman stating he believed that one of them were going to get hurt that night. Personally, I belive the suspect shouldn't have taken it that far to the point where someone is deceased. The suspect should've been mature and drive away with his pregnant wife. Its funny too because Zimmerman and the suspect in the other case did not get arrested. The only difference is that the race is switched.

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  • 3 years ago

    per chance i do not realize the choose for this actual regulation, yet even without a statute, self-protection isn't a criminal offense everywhere in the country. in case you do not imagine you may properly get remote from a violent attacker, alongside with curiously occurred the following, then you definately have each and every suitable to shelter your self. the in elementary words question is not any matter if Zimmerman develop into in lifelike concern of being heavily injured at the same time as he develop into being violently attacked by utilizing Trayvon. till Zimmerman is charged, we will not in any respect comprehend if his self-protection will prevail. wager you'll must be loopy to attempt to cost Zimmerman now! Lose the case, have a insurrection. Win the case, have a insurrection.

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  • Please don't bring more of that $h!t enough with the media

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