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If Israel can have nuclear bombs then why can't Iran?

All this talk about proliferation and escalation would not be happening if Israel didn't have nuclear capabilites.It's obviously logical if a country can flout international law and UN resolutions and annexe land illegally and oppress people within it's borders that this will cause anger considering the fact that the USA and the Coalition forces are engaged in democracy through invasion in this area and require an ally.

Why should Iran obey the UN if Israel doesn't and would it not make the area more stable if Iran has a nuclear bomb.

The only nation so far to use nuclear weapons is the USA against an enemy whom it had already defeated.

So what sense will come of targeting Iran if they have a bomb?

Might is never right!


I won't lose the avatar and I will express my opinion.The USA does not rule the world and the state of Israel would endear itself more to it's Muslim neighbours by treating it's Palestinian prisoners/people locked within it's borders fairly.

As for saving thousands of lives.I note it was American lives saved.Thousands of Japanese lives perished to experiment with the new weapon but the Russians soon caught up.

The UN, Israel and the USA do not control the determination of a people to do what they wish as a people.

I hope Iran has a bomb only to see how the USA and Israel react.

And here on my little island we have thousands of years of experience of engaging enemies within and without.

The Americans and Israelis are school playground bullies who'll get their comeuppance.

Update 2:

Chris:If we all had a gun who would fire first?

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    Once upon a time the big five nuclear nations (USA, USSR, ENGLAND, FRANCE and CHINA) Decided that to encourage the peaceful use of nuclear energy they would help the other nations develop it. But in return, those nations that got the help would PROMISE they would not develop nuclear weapons. So they wrote the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. And many nations signed it and began receiving help. And a few nations did not sign it. Israel did not sign it. Pakistan did not sign it. India did not sign it. Those nations did not get any help with developing peaceful nuclear power. But in return, they did not have an international treaty restriction on them preventing them from going after nuclear weapons. So Israel, Pakistan and India all developed nuclear energy and nuclear weapons and since they did not violate a treaty, no one said much about it.

    But then along comes Iran and North Korea. Both signed the treaty. Both got help in developing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. And funny, both started sticking their peaceful nuclear assets in bunkers and on restricted military bases. Both started being difficult with the inspectors. Both started playing games. And since both signed the treaty, the other nations that signed the treaty have the right to insist they stop working on nukes. Sure worked well with North Korea. But NK actually does not worry people that much. After all, it has far bigger, more powerful nations around it. China, Russia, Japan and with SK, the USA. It would be very bad for NK to nuke anyone. But Iran? Iran is neither surrounded by big powerful nations or nations that have treaties with them. it can pretty well rule the roost if it has nukes. And that worries a lot of nations, specially the smaller oil producing nations around it.

    There you have the story boys and girls. Sign a treaty and you have to abide by it. Israel, Pakistan and India can legally have nukes, North Korea and Iran can not.

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    8 years ago

    absolutely no reason why not

    And its irrelevent whether or not israel has them

    Thats the whole point of being a sovereign nation.

    YOU determine what you are going to do, nobody else

    (Whether or not iran having nuclear weapons is good for the stability of the middle east is another question)

    But whatever happens it wont be the fault of iran - The UN+US created the mess by creating the state of israel, ANY consequences of this are the responsibility of the UN and US. nobody elses.

    The US approach in all conflicts has always been "might is right - so long as we have the might and you dont"

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    Without taking sides in any way but viewing the situation from a distance, Israel is a state set up after WWII to accommodate millions of displaced Jews. It has always been a bone of contention as to their right to the land, as they claim God gave it to them when they left Egypt in the Exodus of 1250BC. On the other hand the Arabs, who have lived there for centuries, say it is their land.

    Israel is surrounded by hostile foreign Arab nations who wish to destroy her, so Israel has nuclear arms for defence purposes. Despite her aggressive attitude to the outside world the nuclear weapons are not intended for offensive purposes. For attack she uses conventional weapons.

    Iran , on the other hand, is run run by an Ayatollah and a Government of hardliners who are intent on destroying Israel for Islamic ideological reasons. If they get their hands on a nuclear weapon it is quite clear what they will use it for, and we do not want a nuclear conflagration in the Middle East. No one will gain by it, and if Iran were to win a victory it will be a Pyrrhic one.

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    Iran has as much right as any one else to go nuclear. Who gave America the right to say only they and their friends can have the atomic bomb. As for being unstable that’s proper gander from America to stop them having nuclear.

    Only one country has used weapons of mass disruption not once but twice America, killing thousands and thousands off innocent women and children, some taking years to die of radiation. Why? the excuse was to end the war. But think about it America had two Atomic bombs. Sitting there, they wanted an excuse to try them out to see what affect it would have and maybe to have their revenge on the Japanese.

    So they dropped not one but two, did they care about its horrific consequences NO

    Don’t you think it’s a bit hypercritical off the Americans to attack Iraq on the pretence that they had weapons off mass destruction, that they did not have any prove of?

    Source(s): Having had to live through all these dreadfull wars ,the last 5 or 6 started by America
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  • 8 years ago

    You didnt ask a question you presented a stupid "pro Muslim Fundamentalist rant"

    Even this from your own profile shows you are a liar "i am a gnostic christian who has died and been reborn.i also love wisdom and recognize the divine christ spirit and divine feminine in all truths laid down in our hearts and souls from all walks of life."

    Your pro-Palestinian rant is so flawed. Its also obvious you have no idea what you are ranting on about.

    There is no law against Israel having any nuclear devices, they have shown since 1948 they are a stable country with democratic laws for its citizens, and who only respond to naked aggression and invasion, violence and attack. The same cannot be said for the Muslim Fundamentalist countries surround Israel, particularly "Mr where is me dinner jacket" of Iran, not a week goes by without him being seen mouthing that Iran will wipe Israel of the face of the earth. You really want to allow a deranged idiot access to nuclear weapons? Muslim Fundamentalism ultimately means such a device would be turned on any country that did not conform to their bigoted view of "Allah's wishes."

    The U.S. and coalition are NOT engaged in "democracy through invasion in this area and require an ally." Israeli military do not serve in Afghanistan or in Iraq in the past, and no US / NATO / forces are based in Israel.

    There are no Palestinians in Israel, they are in the West Bank & Gaza, any Arab who chooses to live in Israel is viewed as an Israel citizen of Muslin Faith. Any Arabs, who take up arms in Gaza / West-Bank or in Israel are terrorists pure and simple

    Its clear by your comments you are a trolling idiot, particularly with your comments in regards to Japan, Japan did not even consider itself defeated even when the first nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, it took Nagasaki to convince them the Allies meant business. Wind your neck in an calculate the number of dead, wounded, missing civilians the Imperial Japanese military (who were lovingly supported by the people back on the Japanese home island,) from 1934 in China (Rape of Nanking), Korea, Malaysia, Burma, Ceylon, Hong Kong, Indo-China, Philippines, various Pacific Island, Dutch East Indies, New Guinea, Hawaii, etc..etc.. who were cold bloodily tortured by the hundreds of thousands, then add in the military dead, wounded, missing, from the USA ,UK & Commonwealth nations, Dutch, etc..etc then come back and talk about the poor Japanese.

    Your "little island" lol. you mean in the lunatic Asylum you call home.

    Source(s): Over 21 years in the Irish military (Non NATO Organization) veteran of U.N.I.F.I.L. - Southern Lebanon as a Peace-keeper.)
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    America never defeated Japan before the nuclear bombs... in fact Japan knew America had the bombs and believed that their gods would prove more mightier then America... Only problem is that America did not hesitate to show Japan how ruthless they can be and dropped the bombs... This caused Japan to rethink their position in the war and then to ultimately stop siding with Hitler... Then is when Japan gave in and America won,America did not drop the bombs because they thought it would be fun..they did not want to fight two wars one with Hitler and the other with Japan, Before the bombs their was no defeated Japan so what you said was a lie. On a side note America dropping the bomb put fear in many imperial nations hearts that America was a VERY liberal and literal nation... This fact alone is what caused many dictators and monarchs to rethink how they treat their people , knowing that a super powered free nation would easily destroy them. Japan was just an "example" ..... But America also is the only reason Japan is as successful as it is today, America's wayof saying "sorry" I guess.

    I agree though, Israel should also loose all their nuclear bombs if Iran is not allowed to have them, Funny thing is Israel has broken more international laws then Iran yet they get away with it,,.. Yet Iran tries to conform to the laws... But then problem with Iran and Israel is really because of their master nations... Israel is America's puppet and Iran is Russia's puppet.... Only when these to puppet masers get along will the middle east be calmed... Russia will nuclear bomb Israel if they attack Iran.. this is because Iran is Russia' s only buff against the western world, If Russia allowed such a thing to happen it would also be allowing to end its fate.... HOWEVER America is slowly turning its eye on Israel deciding already that if Israel attacks Iran then expect to not receive any help from America, this notion alone means Russia would have Israel for lunch.

    China will finance any power against Israel...this means Russia will suddenly have power and money and thousands of men to do their fighting from China..who also does not want Iran to fall.

    Israel may have bombs but they would be destroying themselves if they choose to use them, Iran best option is to only counter attack Israel...If Israel is allowed to attack first then Iran will automatically gain allies and Israel would loose all of theirs....

    Iran is not allowed to have nuclear weapons because many nations view Iran as a terrorist nation who would attempt to destroy anything out of irrational religious thinking. And Iran has done little to prove that theory wrong.

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    8 years ago

    If you are comparing Iran to Israel, you are very much under-educated. The Iranians have promised to destroy Israel if they get the chance. If they find a way, one of the Iranian Nukes will find a way to YOUR little island also. The leaders of Iran have promised to attack ALL non-Moslem countries.

    Israel in modern times had never tried, nor has is even threatened to destroy an entire people or country. Besides, it got its bomb partly with the help of you Brits anyway. It was developed in joint work with the old Union of South Africa. Luckily the South Africans turned over all of their work and information to the Israelis before they gave power over to the terrorist Mandela and the terrorist sympathizer Tutu.

  • 8 years ago

    If a twenty year old can have a drivers licence then why can't a ten year old? But everyone should have the ability to do mass murder equally because only those who are unstable and immoral will do the killing. No one in their 'right mind' would.


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    - Japan was not defeated when the US dropped nukes, due to the 'no surrender' culture in Japan, dropping nukes saved hundreds of tthousands of US lifes. The US would have never been able to have taken mainland Japan.

    Iran can not have nukes because it is not a stainable country, Israel is much more sustainable. Also Israel needs to defend its self for several surrounding countries, which all hates its existence. Iran however only want nuclear weapons to prevent UN intervention and to wipe Israel of the map.

  • 8 years ago

    There is no global sense to having nuclear weapons. Those who have these are a threat to the worlds people and our world. I think that puts these countries into a cocked hat, so to speak. It is time the worlds people said ENOUGH.

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