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... Am I pregnant?! I AM A VIRGIN!! IM SO SCARED!?

So I am 15 and a virgin but I am getting worried because I don't know what else would be happening besides me being pregnant because my period is over a week late, it didn't even happen this month, well technically last month and I have been really moody and my stomach has been hurting and I just simply feel weird and kinda different and I have been getting cravings... What the hell! WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING?!?!?!

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  • Jonah
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    8 years ago
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    If you are a virgin but have had semen in your vagina, it is possible. If you haven't had genital contact with fresh (or preserved) semen, it's not.

    But young women often have irregular periods- they're not expected to be regular until you've been menstruating for about three years. Even older women can miss periods just because they've been under stress, which can also cause and be caused by the symptoms you've listed above.

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    I am a virgin, too, and I have an irregular period; sometimes it takes about two months for it to happen again. And your cravings might be food jags, and the stomach aches are probably dealing with how you think your pregnant. There is a psychological condition that when a girl thinks she's pregnant, seriously, she starts having symptoms; she can even start lactating. If you're a virgin, it's either an act of God, or it's all in your head. There isn't any other way to get pregnant. :D

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    Okay first of all CALM DOWN.. you cannot be pregnant if you haven't had sex...and listen, that is completely normal...all that stuff is caused by hormones. you can be moody (pms, but it might not be that bad), your stomach will hurt (cramps), your period will be late sometimes, b/c you're still young and your body is still adjusting to puberty, you can also get cravings and feel different. did you like recently start your period? take pain killers and put on pads or whatever you use just in case you'll get it this week. and next time ask your mom..I love your innocence btw. honestly not a lot of kids are like you these days...:D

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    It is 100% impossible to be calm down. Your periods are just irregular and the stomach hurting are cramps. You can use a heat pad or take medicine like Advil, midol, pamprin, etc. to help with that. You're moody because your hormones are acting up because you're in puberty. It's just your period on its way so don't worry, nothing is wrong!

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    Hun, you're only 15. It very possible that your period could still be regulating itself and so it may not be consistently showing up. All the symptoms you have, while they could be related to pregnancy, they are also symptoms you can get around your period time.

    You can NOT be pregnant is you are a virgin. It's simply impossible. Pregnancy takes sex, and if you haven't had sex...there is no chance of pregnancy.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Plain and simple if your truly a virgin then your not pregnant ! Your period is just irregular no need to worry ! ... moodiness and cramps are totally normal ... and everyone gets cravings on there period ( well maybe not everyone, but most people)

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    I'm sorry, but is this a joke? You are not pregnant sweetie. Periods can be irregular, not every woman has her period every 28 days. As for the cravings and mood swings, everyone has 'em. Doesn't mean you're pregnant.

    Enjoy your youth!

  • Kati
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    8 years ago

    If you've never had a penis inside of you, or ejaculate on your vulva then you can't be pregnant. Sometimes periods are just late, especially if you're going through some stress or are about to be sick. The stress of starting my first job and my getting mono stopped mine for several months without my being pregnant.

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    RELAX!!!! There is no possible way unless you had sex. Well I have heard of something called a hysterical pregnancy but there is no actual baby involved at all so don't worry. I don't think you even have a hysterical pregnancy. Your period just late. Don't worry. Those signs are normal when your about to get your period

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    If you are a virgin then you can not be pregnant! You can only get pregnant through being sexually active.Your period can just be out of whack from hormones,stress etc....

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