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Sony PS Vita Vs. Nintendo 3DS Which should I get?

Which should I get? Price isn't really an issue.I want a device ill enjoy. ive tried both and loved them but cant decide. Please help me choose!Btw i find 3D in the 3DS useless.

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    In the end you'll have to figure it out for yourself, but I know I prefer the Vita, as I've tried both systems in stores. The 3DS is ok, it's pretty cool with its 3D effect. But I like the Vita a lot better. But just know that you may be different, you have to choose. Try them out in stores if you can, at Best Buy, Target, or Gamestop.

    Here's my pros and cons for the Vita system. This is what I think of it.


    + Big, very sharp, colorful screen. The Vita has a 5 inch OLED screen. It's big, and the OLED technology allows it to display more of the color gamut (which makes it more vivid), while running at lower power consumption. The high resolution of the screen makes it very sharp, very pleasing to the eye.

    + Powerful hardware inside. The Vita uses a quad-core (4-core) cpu main processor -- one of the latest mobile cpus -- and a quad-core gpu graphics processor.

    A good illustration between the 3DS's power and the Vita's power is in the graphics processing capability of each.

    The 3DS handles around 15.3 Mpolygon/s (million polygons per second) and pixel fill rates of 800 Mpixel/s (mega pixels).

    The Vita handles at around 133 Mpolygon/s with pixel fill rates of 4 Gpixel/s (giga pixels).

    So you can see the Vita is a lot more powerful. Even if Nintendo unlocked the gpu of the 3DS's clock frequency to the max of 400 MHz, it still would not come anywhere near the Vita's processing power. And this is the baseline clock frequency of the Vita, which is estimated at 200 MHz (just like the 3DS). If the Vita actually is higher-clocked than that, it would make it even more powerful.

    + Vita's control inputs. The Vita has dual analog sticks, along with dual touch screens, which add to the control options in games. The 3DS only has one analog stick, and has to use the 2nd screen for a second stick. A minor setback but it works.

    + Good games for the Vita. The Vita has a lot of AAA games coming for it. Call of Duty, Resistance, Bioshock, and Grand Theft Auto are just a few. Most of the best Nintendo games come straight from Nintendo. But that's the thing, many people like Nintendo's games so they buy their consoles.

    + Online features. The Vita uses Wifi or 3G (in 3G/Wifi models) to connect to the internet. And in this many games feature online multiplayer, where you can play with usually three other people. The 3DS has this I believe to some degree; some games have the multiplayer option, I'm almost sure of.

    + Apps. Along with the 3DS, the Vita has Netflix. I'm not sure what other social network or other apps the 3DS has, but I know the Vita has Facebook, Flickr, foursquare, Twitter, Painting app, and Skype, so far. These add to the versatility of the Vita.

    + The system is completely quiet. Unlike the previous PSP, the Vita makes no sound. The PSP has a loud loading disc drive, which was very unattractive. The Vita doesn't have this problem, because it uses flash-based memory this time.


    - One PSN account per Vita. Sony said they wanted the Vita to be used by only one person, and that sucks. The previous PSP was like that, but it would've been nice to have your sister or brother to be able to have their own account on your Vita, without disturbing your account. But that's what Sony decided to do, and we can't change it.

    - In some games, graphics could be better. It's up to game developers to make a game's graphics optimized for the Vita's hardware. The Vita has great potential, which is seen in the games Uncharted and Unit 13, but it's up to the developers to fashion the graphics around this potential.

    - An either-way entry for the power cable. The USB power cable is only meant to go in one way, as is every electronic device today, but it can also fit in the other way. This is a huge design flaw. I'm not sure if you'll break the chip in the port if you fit it in that way, but it can be done. has said that it can fit either way, but I've never done it. Though fitting it in the right way is the only way it will charge the Vita.

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  • 8 years ago

    The 3DS has a better selection of games as of right now

    The vita has just ports of games that you can get better versions of on 360 and PS3

    They both have AR games that use cards that are pretty fun!

    They both also have Netflix, while the 3DS has Hulu also, but the Vita is getting a Youtube app

    The 3DS uses basic SD cards for its memory, meanwhile the Vita uses expensive propriety cards

    They both have an online store, with DLC and original content, and both allow Digital Download of the games (3DS starts its DD service this September)

    They also have a virtual console service where you can buy old games. Vita has only PSP games, while 3DS has NES, SNES, Game Gear, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, but no DS games.

    The graphics on each system are amazing!

    I love the 3D on the 3DS because it enhances the gameplay, for me, so much!

    The gap isn't that big between he two.

    Look at Resident Evil: Revelations for the 3DS, and a game from the Vita

    You can also just turn off the 3D, and it will still look great!

    The games do not suck like the people above say

    It's not kiddy either

    A true "hardcore" gamer would know that Nintendo games are awesome and so are the Xbox's and PS3Vita's

    And there's not even a true pokemon out for it yet! They are just apps and 5-min at a time games!

    The Vita is going through a rough patch right now, and many companies are dropping support from it, while the 3DS is gaining support and hitting a stride

    Here goes a list of the best games, to me, on each system


    Mario Kart 7

    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

    Kid Icarus: Uprising(new Nintendo IP, even though people say they never make anything new, and it is awesome :D)

    (I know the last game was, like, 20 years ago, but since it's so long, it should count as new)

    Resident Evil: Revelations

    Metal Gear Solid 3D

    Animal Crossing

    Paper Mario

    Monster Hunter (if it comes stateside)

    Luigi's Mansion 2


    Little Big Planet



    I really don't know about the games for it, so you might have to research XD

    I recommend the 3DS, but that's just me

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  • 8 years ago

    As an owner of both Vita and 3ds i would have to recommend that you get a Vita. The 3ds has more games at the moment bc it has been out longer. But the Vita just came out and its launch lineup is amazing!!! And the games coming out for it is amazing. The Vita really does succeed in giving a handheld like experience. The Vita is also better than the 3ds in every way when it comes to power and graphical potential. And the screen on the Vita is wonderful!!!

    Here is a list of Great Vita games:

    Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom (The same version as the Ps3 and it looks amazing)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Uncharted Golden Abyss(Looks wonderful and has a Motion Aiming Option)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Dynasty Warriors Next

    Youtube thumbnail

    Gravity Rush

    Youtube thumbnail


    Phantasy Star Online 2

    Youtube thumbnail


    Soul Sacrifice

    Youtube thumbnail

    Rayman Origns

    Youtube thumbnail

    And many More!!!

    Source(s): Ps Vita owner
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  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Nintendo doesn't suck like the jerk who answered above me said.

    Anyways, I have the 3DS and love it, but for you I would recommend getting the Vita. The whole point of the 3DS is the 3D, and if you find that useless, you're only going to waste your money if you get it.

    Source(s): My brain
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  • 8 years ago

    Unlike the poster above me, I do know that nintendo has turned to nothing but crap games. If you want a real gaming system and not the 56th copy of pokemon, go for the Vita.

    Try to get Persona 4: the Golden when it comes out if you ant a 100+ hour RPG.

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  • It depends you should get a PS VITA only if you have a PS3. if not then i would still say the VITA because nintendo sucks all around.

    Source(s): Video Game Nerd
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  • 8 years ago

    Better graphics, gameplay and fun with a Vita

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Psp Via. Nintendo products are always outdated when they come out

    Source(s): Me
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  • 8 years ago

    Depends if you are a hardcore or leisure gamer. Hard core; Vita Leisure:3DS

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