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Possible loophole in Va window tint law?

I recently tinted my windows on my Nissan 240sx. I live in Va, where I have received multiple window tint violations since Va law requires 50% on the front windows, and 35% on the rear windows. My 240 is tinted 35% in the front, and 20% on the rear side and rear window. Now I read the law and I think I have found a way around a violation. Here is the link to the Va code for window tint, . If you read section G it mentions that the current law does not apply to multipurpose passenger vehicles. If you read the meaning of multipurpose passenger vehicles it mentions something to the effect of vehicles that have special features for occasional off road use. My 240 has a welded differential, altered suspension, short shifter, and catback exhaust, as well as upper sway bars... It is a drift car and I do occasional drift meets with some of the members of the MBDrift team out of south Carolina. Also, it is a show car and has been entered into some dropjaw events as well as some local fund raising car shows. That being said, does this exception in the law exclude me from being ticketed? I also have a custom eclipse rs turbo that is tinted the same and is used at test & tune at Virginia motorsports drag strip on occasion, and has also been entered in quite a few dropjaw events and has quite a few passes down rockingham, Richmond, and Virginia motorsports dragways. The only concern I have is on the front windows on both vehicles being tinted 35%. However, the law does mention that it allows a 7% margin of error in the window tint metering device. But other than that would this be a legitimate point to make if pulled over for the window tint being as though both vehicles are used for off road use and both have special features designed for the intended off road use?

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    No chance.

    There is no way, you will ever convince a sane judge that your 240sx is a 'multipurpose' vehicle.

    None of the alterations you mention, qualify it as 'off road'. You can't battle this on semantics. I can put the same equipment on a Ferrari, that doesn't make my Ferrari an off road vehicle.

    A standard definition for off road......

    1. designed, built, or used for traveling off public roads, especially on unpaved roads, trails, beaches, or rough terrain: an off-road vehicle

    Off public roads is a PORTION of the definition, not the entirety of it, so the 'track' is not considered off road.

    Pay the fine, change the tint.

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    No this rule will not get you off the hook if you are driving the vehicle on the state highways at the time of citation You would not get the ticket if it was offroad or an a race track of any kind. Good Luck

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    i might in simple terms take it off if I have been you. otherwise, the boys on the shops who do the tinting understand that's what p.c. and what's legal on your state. yet they could desire to be waiting to work out on your motor vehicle. of course !! I used to combat and saved getting my homestead windows blacked out ( i become very youthful and very stupid) and figured if I ever actual have been given a value ticket, i might in simple terms pay it and get my homestead windows the way i wanted them. sometime an officer who all the different cops have been warning me approximately as being hard and the shown fact that he'd come down so stressful on me......pulled me over. He instructed me that his brother have been a state trooper and have been shot and killed. All with the aid of fact he could no longer see interior the vehicle. I took all of the tint off my motor vehicle that day. I by no ability knew the explanation they have been so against it in the previous that. as quickly as I found out, i did no longer like it anymore. as quickly as I did flow to court docket, if i might had the tint on my homestead windows at that factor, i will just about assure i might are starting to be a value ticket. They DID flow out and consider my motor vehicle every time interior the parking zone. that's fairly no longer worth battling over for my section. upload: i'm sorry... I style of blew off the 2d component of your question without meaning to. If I undergo in innovations splendid, the better proportion is measuring something like how many of light is getting by way of. And from analyzing the way you stated it, it in simple terms sounds like. i understand maximum states i've got seen, enable a darker tint interior the returned however the front doors could desire to be quite plenty clean....... i'm hoping I defined that so which you would be able to understand !!

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