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is "web" a nickname for a drug?

someone said that to me and i dont get it..

"I obviously only do web I'm f*cked up"

is that a drug or something??

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    Well, I found out that "web" is a drinking game. However, that's the only drug related definition I could find. I don't think it slang for some kind of drug. It might be a local slang, though. Like you know sometimes different weird expression circulate around your town or city or whatever, but you go the next town over and no ones ever heard the expression before? It might be one of those kind of things. Whatever it is I don't think its a widely used expression/name/slang word. You could always ask you friends what it means...maybe they know.

    Anyways, good luck trying to find out what it means :)

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  • 8 years ago

    I have two ideas:

    1. by web , maybe your friend means a signifigant other, like they only "do" this person named web, so they think of them selves as "f'd" up

    2 . Web might be another name for w33d, or maybe your friend was on something and just said a bunch of junk.

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