The most superior combat rifle in the United States Army?

The Objective Individual Combat Weapon (OICW) combines semi-automatic gunfire with the range of a high-powered rifle which can be used to dispose of enemy troops at long range. OICW can also be used as a grenade launcher. This is the most advanced all-in-one purpose small arms in the US Army in which the purpose is to kill without being killed:-

However, the program to develop OICW was eventually discontinued after the US government had spent millions of dollars on it's development. The development of OICW was discontinued because it "largely failed to achieve the specific program goals", namely, to replace the M16 inter alia other specific goals.

Consequently, it's inevitable that we should question the reasons as to why the OICW failed to replace M16 and be concerned about other reasons behind the failure of this program. As the OICW is a VASTLY SUPERIOR WEAPON, it's difficult to accept or understand why it could not replace M16 as the Gold Standard of US Army assault rifles:

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Is there any reason whatsoever to suggest that M16 is still better than OICW?

Are there other reasons to explain the US military's failure to make OICW into the next generation of advanced combat rifles for the United States Army of the 21st century?

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  • 8 years ago
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    My guess: the M16 is better when it's full of mud or sand.

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  • 3 years ago

    EDIT: Blondebaerde is proper, and if you happen to placed it to a vote, I'll vote for him for Best Answer *** I'm nonetheless attempting to determine why they left the M-14, due to the fact that that NOW they are speakme approximately a heavier energy general drawback rifle, and the truth that elite items that get to decide upon their possess guns typically opt for selective-fireplace models of the historic M-14s, or, even civilian semi-car ones. Yeah, yeah, Stoner is a genius and all that, however they have misused his advantage. Future historians will see the complete M16/AR generation as a detour, off the principal monitor, of the evolution of the rifle. I would not be amazed in any respect if the infantryman of the longer term contains a "clever" rifled-barrel car shotgun or some thing like that, with both a twig of buckshot or "lock on" projectiles well for a kilometer away. And along his beltpack laptop, that controls the microwave warmth-beam attachment, shall be an simplest-moderately changed .forty five ACP that John Browning could have identified.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Remember the xm8 assault rifle? The us spend a lot of money in the development of that weapon and even though it was proved to have a better performance they discarded the project .

    Im not sure why things like this happen in weapon development but still the m16 and alike are very balanced and effective when proper maintenance is done .

    Source(s): Just my thoughts
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