What's SSD? For my new PC build.?

I'm asking a lot of PC build questions because everyone's really helpful, so my question now it what is SSD?, apparently it's for games.

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    8 years ago
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    An SSD is a Solid State Disk drive. These devices are basically flash memory (RAM) designed to emulate a disk drive. They are very fast because they have no moving mechanical parts like an HDD, but they have much less capacity & are expensive. They are being used in high-end laptops because they can make the laptop thinner & lighter & don't use as much battery power (so the batteries last longer).

    People w/money to burn are buying SSD's to improve disk performance. I'm going to take a shot at explaining why you're better off putting that money in other places (faster cpu, better graphics card, more RAM). Here goes:

    -- Windows caches disk reads/writes to RAM anyway. The only time disk performance is a bottleneck is when you're reading or writing a LOT of information, e.g. when booting Windows or loading a large application. In normal operation, this happens once & then you run your application for a much longer period of time.

    -- Assuming you have enough RAM (8GB is plenty) any paging that the system does will be to/from RAM. And BTW, RAM is faster than SSD. If your system is thrashing (paging excessively), you're much better off adding RAM than paging to SSD.

    -- SSD's flash memory deteriorates over time. One can argue that HDD's do too, but HDD's last a lot longer.

  • ruley
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    4 years ago

    once you're purely going to be gaming, no, the SSD isn't well worth it. It would not make an excellent difference. What concerns maximum for video games is the pictures card. in case you don't get the SSD you may keep sufficient money to get a card that would additionally run BF3 or severe or extremely. provided you're spending ~a hundred money on your mid-variety card now, the money you keep from no longer getting a SSD (say $one hundred twenty) you may get a Radeon HD 6950, launch it, overclock, and additionally you have the equivalent of a 350 dollar GPU which will run BF3 quite on max settings. 4GB could be sufficient, in spite of the undeniable fact that RAM is low-value now as a thank you to destiny evidence you may get 8GB. additionally, some video games out presently will call for 4GB meaning you may desire to journey sluggish downs with in uncomplicated terms 4.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    An SSD is a solid state drive, its much like an HDD (Hard drive) except much fatser because there are no moving parts. However, they are much more expensive and you often get less space. So they are usually used as caches or for important things like your OS. Saying this, they do speed things up... a LOT.

  • Chris
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    8 years ago

    if its for a budget build then the performance is not cost effective (put the money elsewhere, ie video card $100 more in the video card will be night and day $100 for the ssd you will just get faster load screens) if you get a good deal on one and what to put it in, then go for it.

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