Why do left wingers lie about the Civil War?

The terms "left wing" and "right wing" came from the French Revolution. The politicians who sat on the left wanted to reject the existing government, while the politicians on the right wanted to preserve the existing government. That's why the right wing is commonly called "conservative." The left wing was characterized by more liberal policies, so the left wing is commonly called "liberal."

During the Civil War, the southern states were so determined to reject the government that they seceded from the Union. So clearly they were definitively left wing.

Lincoln and the Republicans were devoted to preserving the Union by preventing the militant radical left wing states from seceding. So clearly they were definitively right wing.

Lincoln sought to cause change within the established framework of the constitutional process of lawmaking and executive authority. The southern states sought to depart from this established framework by rejecting it completely. This illustrates the conservative constitutional stance of Lincoln, as opposed to the militant radical stance of the left wing southern states, which used radical violence to pursue an agenda that was based on a revolt against the existing government. The southern states fired the first actual cannon shots of the Civil War at Fort Sumter, which illustrates their militant radicalism.

After the south lost the Civil War, they continued their militant radicalism by forming the KKK to use intimidation tactics in pursuit of their political agenda, which continued to be based on rebelling against the existing and established government.

Anyone who says otherwise is just spouting left wing propaganda.

This is so clear and obvious, how can anyone disagree?


And Otter continues the lying campaign....

Update 2:

Victor lies some more....

Update 3:

katerina, yes that is exactly my point.

Update 4:

LOL, as predicted here come the liberals spouting left wing propaganda.

The textbooks are full of left wing propaganda. I'm here to deprogram you from the cult of the left.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Actually the reason that the southern states tried to secede from the union was because they didn't think that the African Americans that served them as slaves had the rights Lincoln was trying to give them. That is what started it. When Lincoln started in saying that the constitution gives them rights as citizens and human beings, that is when they started developing their own government. Even they did have a figurehead, they didn't have a government per se right away.

    I learned this in middle school, from a teacher who taught history regardless of his political stance, which was republican not democratic.

    Oh yeah! My grandmother is republican, but still considers herself liberal. My grandfather is also republican, and considers himself conservative. Left and right wing can be applied to both political parties, depending in how radical you are in the group ( with Republicans, the more conservative you are the more radical. With democrats, the more liberal you are the radical. Haven't you ever heard the term, radical Republican? Radical Democrat?)

  • 9 years ago

    You are just spouting Right Wing propaganda... you are such a fool. You are only intelligent about 1 half of the entire story.

    The KKK are not left-wing, they are right wing extremists. You are told they're left-wing because those who have nurtured your mind want you to believe that right is right, left is wrong.

    You talk about propaganda, and your just full of it, brimmed to the top.

    Left-wing want a change from the right wing government why? Because the working class get oppressed. Your likely to be the sort of person though that thinks some people deserve better than others etc., and that your 'entitled' and so on. Same old Tory measures.

    You, just like almost every Tory on here, are very well educated on one side of the argument. If you listened and observed the other side, youd see all the flaws in what you believe.

    Go and buy a real book,

  • fuquan
    Lv 4
    9 years ago

    Because the left loves to spin things so that they never seem like the bad guys, and the right looks like the spawn of satan. Whether its making the Civil War seem like a purely slavery issue or spouting the myth that the parties from back then don't represent what they do now (or even switched) they want to seem like they are the hope of America, and Republicans thrive off of hatred and bigotry (even though the left started the kkk, opposed civil rights, and opposed reconstruction to help the blacks).

    They got the first black president, that's reason enough for them to destroy history.

    @katrina- "Actually the reason that the southern states tried to secede from the union was because they didn't think that the African Americans that served them as slaves had the rights Lincoln was trying to give them"

    Completely wrong, Lincoln didn't want to give blacks rights until AFTER the Civil war. What he wanted was to slow down slavery's advancement into newly acquired territory. Also, secession happened before Lincoln was officially in office, so what you're saying is literally impossible. Your teacher wanted to put her spin on history.

    Source(s): http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/300432/part... Article giving the reasons the parties never swirched, and still support what they did back then.
  • 9 years ago

    Lincoln was a "progressive" in that he wanted to abolish slavery from the planet, including the American South, and he wanted to enlarge and enhance the great power of the federal government and in so doing, at the expense of and the diminishment of the earlier view of independent state's rights. The southern states were conservative in that they wanted to preserve slavery and the concept of independent state's rights.

    But such labels are irrelevant in my opinion, since the modern day progressive movement wants cradle to grave government socialism, which was a concept that would have been either abhorrent or at best, a total fantasy to someone of the Civil War era.

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  • firpi
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    because we are not functionally illiterate. because you possibly don't have all day to study something, the following is the quick version. "Secession" and "starting up a conflict" aren't any further even similar issues. Claiming in the different case is like claiming walking out of your position is the same as putting fireplace to it. as with each and every links any Democrat has ever printed, yours DISPROVES your declare. no longer something you offered the following inspired conflict in any respect. of route slavery develop right into a wide area of the motivation to SECEDE yet no longer A unmarried LINE of what you printed or which will be chanced on by utilizing chasing your link shows GOING TO conflict. NO State and NO man or woman ever inspired "going to conflict to guard slavery." It in basic terms not in any respect occurred - as YOUR resources make user-friendly.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The KKK is no longer associated with the political left. After Strom Thurmond ran for President on a states rights campaign in the sixties the "Dixiecrats" were basically made persona non grata in the Democratic Party. After that Strom Thurmond joined the Republican party to become the longest serving Republican in the Senate in US History, and anti-integration southerners switched allegiance en-masse to join the Republican Party.

    Your half-assed attempt at a history lesson failed to include that last set of facts.

  • 9 years ago

    If the north did not like Dread Scott than the law, they should have changed the law.. This was all about imposing federal income tax. Any state legally had the right to succeed before Abraham Lincoln declared war on his own people.

  • 9 years ago

    Probably because the Truth hurts and a lie is much more believable.

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