nice guy or interested?

A guy i work with is soooo sweet and one of the nicest guys i have ever met. Ive only known him for a week or so and he's attractive but has a breathtaking smile that is often thrown my way. The time that we work together I am the head person in charge and he is pretty much my second in command (even though they are mostly all a bit older than me). He is always so quick to volunteer to do the things i ask, will take things off of my hands, or when things get crazy say something to comfort me. He always acknowledges me along with his gorgeous smile and will ask me questions particularly about myself when in groups or such. He also does little things such as bringing me my bag when i almost left it behind or whenever i say hi he always responds with the brightest and most sincere looking smile and a response equally bright. He also asked me about my future and what i want to be with sincere interest something that always takes me aback and he even wanted to walk with me

up to the building when I first arrived even though their were several others also there waiting.

We work with children and he definately appears to be a naturally sweet and nice guy but theres something in that smile and the way he looks at me when he does... i may just be really attracted to him or there may be some interest there on his part. And many people describe him as a nice and sweet guybut...

DO you think there may be some interest there or is he just a nice guy?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Rather hes your age range or not he probably likes you if he makes an excessive amount of eye contact. or an odd avoidance.

    Ill say you have nothing to loose by asking him out. odds are he would say yes.. unless he has a GF oof that would suck. but it would make for a funner friendship anyway to know a lil about eachother... then you can wait till he dont have a GF.. lol..

    Either way im sure he has interest in being your friend. You seem like a neat lady.

    Source(s): Im a dude. and have a degree in human behavioral sciences.
  • 9 years ago

    Well yeah, I mean he's obviously giving you all the signs. Maybe you should set up a fake date. Ask him to go have a cup of Coffee with you, just you two together and see what happens. Good luck :)

  • 4 years ago

    superb adult adult males do interest lady. Why could an outstanding guy prefer to alter to get a girl that doesn't want an outstanding guy. Sounds self defeating to me. an outstanding guy will charm to a girl who needs an outstanding guy. If a girl does not want an outstanding guy to undesirable for her. I married an outstanding guy and that's considered one of his suited high quality's.

  • Nagato
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    9 years ago

    Is he single? Must be interested if he is

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