What is there to do in Tucson, AZ?

I've recently moved to Tucson and we (my husband and I) haven't really ventured out much except grocery shopping which is only a few blocks away. Can you give me any suggestions of things we can do, places we should visit, food we should eat, etc?

Here are some things about us to help:

We're in our late 20's/early 30's.

Not looking to go to a bar so much.

I'm 7.5 months pregnant and am not used to Arizona heat, so nothing during the day that requires a lot of outdoor activity. At least not until fall/winter:)

Preferably some things that are fairly cheap, though I'd like to hear any suggestions.

Here are some foods we already like, so maybe you can suggest an eatery for us!

Mexican! I'm in the right place for that I hear:)

We like Chinese but prefer ones who use more natural ingredients and do not use MSGs

I LOVE Thai food

I like Indian food but prefer a buffet. Though, as long as they have a good menu and it is a comfortable atmosphere I'm willing to try it.

Pizza - I prefer pizza that has some less than usual toppings. Things that go beyond the typical shredded mozz, pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, etc. But good pizza is good pizza!

I love giant salads!

Those are just some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Also, we live on the east side on Broadway, so we'd like to find things that aren't more than a few minutes drive if necessary. I don't mind driving a bit further if we're going east or north east, but I'm still not used to the traffic going downtown or even toward the Tucson Mall.

Thanks in advance!

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