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do anybody knows about nepal?

its a country but i want to know more

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    Surf the internet, type Nepal. You will find everything about Nepal what you would want to know.

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    Nepal is a South Asian country located in the middle of China and India. There are 8 himalayas out of 14 in the world. It's area is about 147181 sq.'s capital is Kathmandu. Mt. Everest is situated there. Most of the citizens are Hindu (above 80%)....There are 75 districts and 14 zones. Recently politicians decided to make 11, 8, 14 states and could not be agreed by all. That's why constitution assembly is dismissed...constitution process is stopped....the longest highway of nepal is Mahendra Highway(1030) km....nepal is second richest country in water resources after Brazil.....27 million people are staying there. Main problem is slow development......India has been interfering in politics....but Nepalese dont accept it at you need more? And one thing it's the most beautiful country of the world

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    Federal Democratic of Nepal is a landlocked sovereign country state located in South Asia. It is located in the Himalayas bordered to the North by the people's republic of China, and to the south,east and west by the Republic of India. Nepal total area is 1,47,181 square kilometres and a population is approximately 27 million. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal.

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    Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia, sandwiched between India and China. It is situated in the lap of the beautiful snow-capped Himalayas and is home to the world’s highest peak – Mount Everest.

    In addition to the Himalayas, the topography of Nepal also houses the ‘Hills’ and the ‘Tarai’ or the plains. While the Himalayas cover approximately 15% of Nepal, the Hills and the Tarai make up for 65% and18% of Nepal respectively.

    Unfortunately the Hills have been subject to an increasing number of environmental disasters, which are due in likelihood to deforestation and intensive farming.

    Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and is a valley surrounded by hills. It is also one of the 75 districts of Nepal and falls within the Central Development Region of Nepal. Nepal has been divided to five developmental regions namely, Far-Western, Mid-Western, Western, Central and Eastern.

    Nepal is the 48th poorest country in the world with a population of 28,901,790. (UNICEF 2007)

    Half of Nepal’s population lives below the poverty line, and about one third of the population live without clear water. These are people who do not have access to basic needs such as food, health and education. Half the population is jobless in Nepal. Most Nepalese live on a $1 day or less. Average income of Nepal is less than $200 a year. About 15% of the Nepalese have access to health services. Most of the poor people live in rural areas yet still a huge percentage of poor people struggle in cities trying to make ends meet. About 80% of Nepalese are farmers and are dependent on agriculture for livelihood.

    For almost ten years Nepal between 1996-2006, Nepal underwent a violent conflict between government forces and an insurgent group called Maoists. The conflict claimed more than 13,000 lives and caused thousands of disappeared—those who were abducted or killed without a trace and whose fates are still unknown to their families. Amidst all this, children and women have suffered the most.

    After a peace accord was signed in 2006 between the government and the Maoists, the Maoists entered mainstream politics and also won the majority of the seats in the historic Constituent Assembly polls held on the 10th of April 2008. Nepal has also been declared a secular state under the Interim Constitution, which was promulgated on January 15, 2007. The government took positive preliminary steps with respect to religious freedom and government policy contributed to the generally free practice of religion replacing the age-old term ‘Hindu Kingdom of Nepal’.

    The Maoists had insisted on the abolition of the monarchy and the removal of Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev as King with Nepal becoming a federal democratic state with an elected head of state. The newly-elected Assembly met in the Nepal’s Capital Kathmandu on May 28, 2008 and abolished the monarchy that had reigned for 240 years. There was polling of Constituent Assembly (CA) members and out of a total of 564 Assembly members, 560 voted to end Nepal’s monarchical rule. The proposal declared that Nepal had become an independent, indivisible, sovereign, and secular and an inclusive democratic republic.


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    Nepal is small country beside India....

    Its capital is Kathmandoo

    This is Hindu Nation...

    It is known in world because of Mount Everest , the highest mountain in the world...

    get more on Google search :)

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    Nepal is a landlocked country.It is in South Asia.It's small by the area it covers on earth.But it is popular for its diversity(from Terai to Himalayas).Plain land, mountains, adventure sports, culture, religion are the major things. 8 of the world's highest mountain peak are in Nepal so you can imagine the number of rivers originated by them.The major cities are Kathmandu(capital) and Pokhara.It is a paradise for adventure lovers.

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    knows about nepal

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    i know about nepal. it is also knows as the world heighest peak of the mountain country.

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    it's is South of China and shares the Himilayas with China. It has Mt.Everest in it. It is very snowy up in the mountains.

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