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Do You Think Snow White And The Huntsman Will Beat Men In Black #3?

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  • 8 years ago
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    It will beat Men and Black 3 at the box office this weekend because movies almost always face a drop-off in attendance after the first weekend. Since Men and Black 3 has been in theaters for a week now, it will probably drop 50% in attendance after the first week. Only some movies have very small drop-off rates, like Avatar. Since both movies are in relatively the same amount of movie theaters (about 4000), I predict that Snow White will defeat MB3 this weekend. However overall, it will be close because though Snow White is a well-known brand, Will Smith brings in the big bucks overseas.

  • Dee
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    8 years ago

    Many will go see Snow White because of Kristen Stewart, so probably. I have no desire to see it myself, but I may go see MiB3. It's one of the few series that I like the sequel as much as the original and I've been wanting to see 3 since it was announced.

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