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Help with getting a new lizard?

I have an empty 10 gallon tank and I want to keep a lizard in it. It has to be able to live there it's entire life. I was thinking about a leopard gecko, but my friend has 1 so I kinda wanna get a different one. Are there any other lizards or geckos kind of like the LG but maybe more active and still semi-cheap?


I re asked because every answer was the same, and I àlready said I didn't want a LG

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  • Dill
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    Dude all I can think of are anoles, which honestly, are a crappy excuse for a pet lizard, or an African fat tailed gecko. Don't know much about the AFTs but anoles are crap. I've owned 3 at one time and another two at another time, I just hated them. They were boring, fast and didn't like being held, so I gave them away.

    And REALLY?! You don't want a leo because your friend has one? Grow up! If you want something different get a morph of leo gecko. undergroundreptiles.com has some for good prices. But seriously, grow up man. Big deal if you friend has one. My has a bearded dragon. I just got one. I don't give a crap, and neither does he. Seriously, that just shows how childish you are.

  • ?
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    Have you thought about getting a(n) African Fat-tailed Gecko? Same care as Leos except these lizards like it much more humid and are much more calmer, but diet, heating, and cage requirements are quite the same as the Leopard Geckos, but other lizards would include either: Crested Gecko, Central American Banded Geckos, Green Anoles, Long Tailed Grass Lizards, Butterfly Agama, Fire Skink, Sandfish (Skink), Emerald Swift, or Collard Lizard are all other great choices, but can be quite a little expensive to care for, don't like to be held, etc. but doesn't mean that they can't be tamed as I've seen a few tamed ones myself, but try looking each of these up and go here to the East Bay Vivarium Lizard Price List:http://www.eastbayvivarium.com/pricelist/lizardsli... or search google on: "pet lizards or lizards as pets". Good Luck!

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  • Gina
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    There really aren't any suitable pet lizards, to be honest. While certain species wouldn't outgrow that tank, they are rare in the pet world for a reason: they can't be handled, they are so easily stressed that they are almost impossible to keep alive, their diets are too hard to replicate or (generally) a combination of the three.

    Reptiles are not cheap pets. If you want those characteristics, you have to give up your budget. If you have that budget, you have to settle for a pet you can afford to keep. You can't have both, unfortunately.

  • 8 years ago

    You Could Get A Whole Bunch Of Anoles O

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    the only reptiles i know that can be put in there are rarely sold or can be wild caught

    for example western banded gecko

    house gecko

    side blotched lizard

    or night lizards which are found under decayed joshua trees

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  • Andrew
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    8 years ago

    you already asked this....Just because your friend has a LG doesn't mean you can't have one. Try looking up a frog eyed gecko.

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