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What is the best program for making a dating sim?

I'm looking to make a Pokemon dating simulator (because that'll be friggin' awesome) I was wondering what a good computer program would be for that. Quality > How easily operable it is when it comes to the program itself. Thank ya.

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  • 9 years ago
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    The most popular choices are Flash, Novelty, and RenPy. If you want a lot of animations you may have an easier time in Flash, but RenPy has a well-established code base and a lot of users who can help you, and you can make very complicated games with it.

    Of course, the flash games are easier to put on a website and the renpy ones have to be downloaded

  • 5 years ago

    lots of the relationship sims that i've got considered on line are all made in a application called "Flash". you will get it for a loose 30 day trial. additionally, good success attempting to make your relationship sim, as this is going to take a protracted time so you might make when you consider that i'm guessing you would be new at utilising flash and coding. there is not any longer a application out the place you purely variety in what you desire it to do and that i heavily doubt that the creators of the different sim date video games will purely provide up the code that they positioned countless time and attempt into. So, maximum suitable of success ~Kalmana

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