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what do i have? what could i have?

ok so, i started to expirienced pain everytime i pee, by the end when i only have a little, starts to hurt and i feel like i have no control over my vagina muscle. also, i notice i am bleeding too. is not enough to be considered menstruation blood, is not even enough to notice it in a path, but i know cuz a little coes out when i pee and wipe, nd i feel like it smells a little, not strongly but i think a little. last time i had my period was a week ago, and last time i was sexually active was 3 days ago, after a long time of abstinence.......what could possibly be? what should i do? i can't afford to go to a doctor since all i have is $300, so all help is appreciated!

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  • 9 years ago
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    Sounds like a bladder infection. But u must get anti biotics. I didn't know I had one until it turned into a kidney infection and I became very ill. U can usually go to a family planning clinic. At no cost.

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