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My macbook pro won't turn on. Help Please!?

it's plugged in and when i push the power button it turns on normally, but when it turns on it goes to the white page with the apple logo on it and the loading bar comes up but then it dissapears after like 10 seconds and it doesnt load at all. then it just sits on the page with the apple logo and a little circle thing is on there like its loading but its doing nothing! I hadnt been on it in a couple months and itd been dead. When i turned it on the first time it worked fine and then I did a 2 hour long update shut it down and was going to turn it on again when that happened!

Please help!!!

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Mac sucks. Windows ftw

  • 9 years ago


    You had a problem after an update.

    This can be caused by several things. Your hard drive might have gotten glitchy after the update; it's rare, but if the hard drive is older, that's possible.

    The easy test is to start up off your System DVD. Shut the MBPro off, and on startup put in the Snow Leopard DVD or Lion USB flash drive and hold down the letter "C".

    That will give you the option of starting off the System on the DVD or Flash drive.

    If it starts up fine that way, go to Utilities, and run Disk Utility on the hard drive; click Repair.

    If it was only a file glitch, that should fix it. Then you can restart normally.

    If not, you should go to the Apple Store. They can zap the PRAM, which erases the Parameter RAM, and try to restart. Or they can run a diagnostic on the MBPro, and find out what's wrong.

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