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Anonymous asked in HealthMental Health · 9 years ago

How do I go about seeing a psychologist or getting help?

I'm going to put my heart and soul into this so I'm sorry if it does get a bit long.

Anyway, I'm 15 and I've been depressed for 2 years. It wasn't as bad at first, when I was 13 because I wasn't quite sure what was going on. I wouldn't go out anymore, I'd wear baggy clothes and my weight shot right up (it's a lot better now as I have been able to control it) because I felt so horrible. My Nan died a few years before that and it was only now sinking in because I couldn't adjust to it. My Nan died in the house I recently just moved from (my parents divorce led me to move in with my Nan because my Grandad was unwell in a nursing home, dying, he died a few months ago) and then my Nan unexpectedly died. In the bedroom next to my old bedroom. I've never fully gotten over it and it still hits me whenever I even think of bringing up the topic, it's horrific for me. Since when I was 13, everything got worse. I was getting called horrible things in school and ridiculed for being different. I have a unique personality and my personality is very mixed, it frightens me that I may have something wrong in that department. Since last year, when I was 14, I've been self-harming. It got all too much and I'd break down, shake, bang my head on my bedroom wall, claw at my skin and scratch at it with bobby pins until the skin broke and bled. It got too much after that and I began making up suicide plans involving overdosing on my Mum's pills and I wrote a suicide note once. I ripped it up and I tried to make my life work but it wasn't. I came home from school at lunch time a mess and opened up to my Mum, kind of. I never told her why I self-harmed (the specific reason, I patched it up with little bits and bobs) and I can't face the real reason myself - cyber bullying. Online, I'd get regularly abused and I couldn't escape it. They always found a way to get to me and I don't even know them in real life. Anyway, after I told her she told me she'd take me to the doctors but nothing happened. A few months later, I felt totally worthless and as if my Mum forgot about me and everything piled on so I self-harmed regularly again. I later told my Mum and she said she'd take me to the doctors, but 5 or so months down the line and I'm still waiting. I don't know how else to get help without my Mum pushing me but at the end of the day, I don't want my Mum to be there. I don't want her to find out I've been frequently cyber bullied because then she'd want to know how and she'd take the only harmonies I have left away and I can't bring myself to allow that as it'd wreck me completely. I never go out anymore, I can't find myself at all pretty in any way and yesterday it got too much and I locked myself in my bathroom with my Mum banging on the door frightened in case I harmed myself. I didn't though, but if she's so worried then why can't she help me? I tried to become in any way religious to see if it helped but it was no good due to me being Atheist. I don't know what to do anymore, I'm nearly 16 and my grades have totally failed because of my mental state. I coop myself up in my bedroom unless I have school and I think I may have anxiety disorder because of my anxiety attacks that are becoming more frequent. I'm scared to go outside in case people comment on me so I've taken up to keeping myself shut out from the outside world in the safety of my own bedroom. I don't know what to do anymore.

I want help but I don't know how, I want to see a psychologist or something but I don't know if my problem is stupid.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    If you are in the U.S., there is a nationwide non-profit group called NAMI that can at least provide some references or other resources in or near your area. They are actually some pretty cool people there,

    and there is little they haven't encountered or experienced first-hand in the way of personal problems. or 1-800-950-NAMI. If you call them they will help you sort through finding a psychologist/psychotherapist in your area, and offer other resources as well.

    Given your age, another idea might be to simply (it may not seem simple, I know) call some one like Boys Club and tell them you've been having some troubles in life and are interested in maybe seeing a therapist or other who could help you.

    However you go about it, the hardest part is just deciding that it's really want to do and do it.

    I've seen a psychologist for a couple of years now, and at first I didn't know what to say and was kind of shy about it. But now it's like visiting a friend who I can share basically anything with. And it helps.

    Good luck to you, and trust me I know what the "safety of my bedroom" can be can become a prisoner in your own mind, and anyway it's just not healthy or fun!

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  • 9 years ago

    First off, I'm really sorry you feel this way :( You seem like a great person and there are just some jerks out there who need to bully others to make themselves feel better.

    If your mom won't listen, try talking to your dad. If you can't or if that doesn't work, tell your guidance counselor or a teacher at school, because they're legally obligated to make sure you end up with the help you need. Honestly, you could even go to the police, or do what happened in the movie, "It's Kind of a Funny Story" and check yourself in to a hospital for a few days. Hang in there, please. You sound like an amazing person, inside and out, and don't EVER listen to people if they tell you otherwise, alright? They're not worth it. You shouldn't harm yourself over people like them because then it's like letting them win. You're a better person than they are, and you'll actually go somewhere in your life. Hang in there, please. Good luck!

  • 9 years ago

    Email me at Depression.Help.911@Gmail.Com so we can talk about this I will help you out!

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