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Tattoo heart or feather's?

So I want to get a tattoo for my dad who past 7 years ago...1 idea is to get a heart that my dad made for me as a necklace....but I would have the heart somewere on me and I want it to look like my skine is starting to grow over the heart so the heart and my body become one. Probe is I don't know were to get it I thought my foot but I been reading foot tattoo are bad idea cause they fade a lot faster and are sharp. My other idea is to get 2 feather behind my ear,The long feather would be red,yellow and orang like a flam,I was thinking the end of the freath would be a flam. (My dad always wanted a flam on his van,but never got it done.I also use to work on the van with him)the short feather would be green and gray for my grandma (his mom,who also pass) the reason for the green gray feath is when I vist my grandama she always had hummingbird around her house and a female hummingbird is green and gray.

So witch one do you think is a better one?(if heart one were do u think I should get it?)

I already have a big tattoo on my left ribcage.

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  • 9 years ago
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    you really need to learn how to spell, and type things at least some what grammatically correct

  • 9 years ago

    . Hi Kelly. well love if you have the Feathers behind the ear that is likely to be sore, and if you have long hair will it be seen? when the Heart can be any size and placed almost any where, you say you already have a big one over your ribs! the Heart could go on the opposite side.Think hard Kelly love as it is so important to you, its for your adoreable Father and your Grandma. why not combine the two ideas together with the Feathers bursting out behind the Heart? Jay X

    Source(s): I have had many Tattoo's some of the ideas have been mine and others from the internet or the Tattooist themselvesI Think carefully love as it will be with you for life.
  • 9 years ago

    The feathers seem like a beautiful idea! I think i'll get something like that when im older to represent the passing of my grandpa,poppy and nana :)

    I think it will look really nice, great idea! And im sorry for the lose of your Dad, thats must have been awful! God Bless You (:

  • 9 years ago

    Get both. I love both ideas. theyre very very nice! :)

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